About Us & Biographies of Fin & Alix

GoEthical is a single marketplace for artisans, micro-sellers and brands committed to ethical and sustainable products. By transforming the shopping experience for both consumers and sellers, our shopping App consolidates this fragmented marketplace, by delivering customer choice and market accessibility under one roof.

GoEthical’s vision is to revolutionise ethical consumerism, enabling customers to explore and buy verified ethical, eco-friendly and pre-loved items within a few simple taps, in a unique single, interactive, social marketplace.

Categories include Ethical & Sustainable Fashion, Health & Beauty, Sport & Leisure, Home & Lifestyle, Arts & Crafts, Made in Britain, Home Décor, Gifts & Novelty, Vegan, Eco-friendly, Food & Beverages, Baby, Kids, Cruelty-free, Plant-based, Organic, Vintage, Artisan, Pre-Loved, and much more.

Finley Cope


Finley Cope - Co-Founder of GoEthical

Finley Cope – Co-Founder of GoEthical

Fin or “the old man” as we like to call him is just 19 and had the vision for the design and flow of this vibrant marketplace app.  For the old man it’s important to deliver functionality in a way his generation can appreciate; value, speed and ease of use as well as having super connective features between the app community, buyers and sellers, but within a straightforward uncluttered user interface.  Fin hopes to keep innovating and evolving the app, so it meets with the needs of registered brands, users and community as a whole.

Alix Cope


Alix Cope - Co-Founder of GoEthical

Alix Cope – Co-Founder of GoEthical

Alix grew up on the tiny island of Gozo, Malta then spent years working at sea.  Alix knew that GoEthical needed to have a positive impact, she and Fin felt it necessary to make ethical and sustainable shopping an easier experience for the regular shopper, less complicated, in a space where artisans and brands had an opportunity to showcase and educate shoppers about their unique story and products.  Having an open and accessible platform with community value at its core.  Alix’s work focuses on creating partnerships, attracting the right ethical brands and giving them access and visibility to a broader marketplace.

Why “GoEthical”? The Copes all grew up on Gozo and GoEthical was the name of the local sweetshop, as kids, they spent a lot of time there!

Bees, Trees & Seas

Essentially if we can make a small contribution towards a better environment and promote just dedicated ethical brands, then we help create a positive impact towards the planet’s health and that’s a step in the right direction.  Our mission is to promote conservation, planting of trees, protection of Bees and cleaner Seas.  Help us all get to a better place,

Alix & Fin