When you buy through GoEthical -The Ethical Life Marketplace app it opens up the opportunity to buy from UK Artisans. Buying Artisan embraces handcrafted industries and is a move away from mass-foreign-produced homogeneous products, which flood the UK.

Buy from GoEthical Artisan-produced items which are ethical and eco-friendly and meet the demands of the eco-conscious consumer of today. For more information, about what Artisan products are, visit our Artisan products page. Below we provide 5 great reasons to buy Artisan products.

1)    Supporting “Made in Britain” and local economies

When you buy from a UK Artisan you are possibly buying very locally or at least from an Artisan within the UK. Buyers can directly support Artisans through the “power and vote of the wallet”! Why support faceless international organisations who only pay their workers a fraction of the eventual product price? When you buy through an Artisan you know where the money is going, it’s nice to know you are making a difference.

Supporting a UK Artisan is particularly important with the Coronavirus impacted world economy. Buy Artisan and know you are supporting a Craftsman and helping them to thrive and develop their skills further.

Additionally, it’s also great to know that every purchase made on GoEthical makes a contribution to their eco-programmes – Bees, Trees & Seas.

2)    Great for the environment

Artisan products are great for the environment, especially when you buy them on GoEthical. We screen all applicants to check their environmental credentials, which are clearly stated for all buyers to read too at a seller and product level.

Artisan products are often made in workshops, small studios, sheds and in people’s homes, etc. This method is more eco-friendly than mass-produced products in factories and large manufacturing facilities. Handcrafted products consume much less energy than mass assembly lines.

Many mass-produced products are manufactured overseas, so have a significant detriment to the environment in travel terms. Artisans on GoEthical work in the UK and hand-make products locally.

3)    Unique handcrafted items

Whatever category of Artisan product you buy it will be unique and handcrafted, this is the opposite to mass-produced products. Think farmers’ market rather than a supermarket as just one example.

Artisan handcrafted items are made to last. They are made with top-quality materials and ingredients. As each item is handmade it will be unique, no two items will be exactly the same. For some products, buyers can speak to Artisans and request customisations, personalisation and alterations to their exact specifications.

4)    An emphasis on quality

Buying Artisan is an investment in quality. An Artisan creates a product with love, not because it’s their job. Artisans have attention to detail, value the hand making process end-to-end and work hard to deliver a stunning product to the customer.

Artisans products are not necessarily low-cost (as they use high-quality ingredients and take time to make). Artisan product quality is important therefore, as Artisans know they need to deliver excellence on quality to compete versus online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. A part of quality is respecting tradition, which we discuss next.

5)    Keeping traditional skills and crafts alive

Buying from an Artisan helps to keep traditional skills and crafts alive. Rather than using assembly lines and machines, Artisan products are handmade. Buy Artisan and help to keep traditional skills alive (examples include embroidering, glass artistry, pottery making, silversmithing, weaving, etc. to name a few).

As one example, a food Artisan would make food to a traditional recipe and would avoid using modern-day ingredients which have artificial sweeteners, colourings, preservatives, thickening agents and other chemicals.

Buying through GoEthical

When you buy through GoEthical, you are buying directly through the app and will be able to communicate directly with the seller. If you have questions, such as the sustainability of materials used, how to care for the products, colour choices, customisation and size options you can message the seller directly.

We can’t emphasise enough that buying from an Artisan creates a unique relationship between the buyer and seller, it’s so much more than a financial transaction! Buyers can rest in comfort knowing they are supporting the hard work of Artisans and the British economy.

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