About GoEthical

GoEthical is the UK’s first dedicated ethical marketplace and lifestyle app bringing ethical, artisan and preloved products under one roof. 

We bring together a community of buyers and sellers with the same interests and values in sustainable living; giving them a platform and an all-in-one marketplace to showcase their products, reach relevant audiences and be part of a passionate community.

Buy, sell and chat using the GoEthical marketplace APP
Buy, sell and chat using the GoEthical marketplace APP

Our Story

Our two co-founders, Finley Cope and Alix Cope, both had a vision to do something that helped improve the environment  and support emerging entrepreneurs by making ethical and sustainable shopping an easier experience for the regular shopper.

This led to the idea of creating a marketplace where artisans and ethical brands had the opportunity to showcase their products and gain better visibility in a broader marketplace. Finley and Alix saw an opportunity to launch an app-based marketplace, which would connect buyers with sellers by forming a community for sustainable and ethical life products.

This same marketplace, GoEthical, is now a hub to educate shoppers about unique products and ways to live more ethically, and giving them access to an ethical marketplace.

What We Stand For

As a trusted ethical online marketplace, we aim to provide transparency for all our users, be accountable for our actions  and be committed to preservation. It is all about helping make the world a better place, by providing the right tools and knowledge to help us make better consumption decisions. 

We believe that we can make a difference in the actions we take now that can help create a better life on land and below water, by tackling plastic consumption, restoring natural terrestrial ecosystems and by minimising waste.



Our Values

Commited to Ethical

Committed to reducing environmental impact in retail, every GoEthical purchase is a step in the right direction.


We want consumers to trust us when they make shopping decisions and sellers to trust us to represent their brand.


Providing a marketplace that gives our brands the space to grow whilst embracing and promoting sustainability.


Our ethical marketplace aims to disrupt retail with our members in mind, whether you’re a seller or a buyer.

Our business values underpin our approach to how we work, and are supported by our eco-values that align to each of our Ethical sellers products. This also provides customers with visibility of which ethical standards the products align to, including eco-friendly, organic, vegan, plastic-free, made in Britain and many more.

Our Vision – Making ethical the standard worldwide

Our vision is to make ethical the standard, not just in the UK, but worldwide. We aim to create a new norm for the retail industry by encouraging consumers to be considerate in how they shop, support small businesses and buy and sell with a purpose.

GoEthical’s aim is to revolutionise ethical consumerism, enabling customers to explore and buy verified high quality Ethical, unique Artisan and treasured Preloved items within a few simple taps, in a unique single, interactive, social marketplace.

Buy, sell and chat using the GoEthical marketplace APP
Buy, sell and chat using the GoEthical marketplace APP

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create the home of ethical & eco buying and selling, where businesses can thrive, and consumers can trust. GoEthical supports lifestyle changes to positively impact life on land and sea by promoting plastic reduction, restoring natural-based ecosystems, and minimising waste.

We believe in one step at a time and that no change is too small as each step will still contribute toward a better tomorrow.

Our Partners

We are committed to preservation, principally around 2 of the UN’s Sustainable development goals (SDG’s) – life on land and life below water and we feel we can help by reducing plastic consumption, restoring our natural terrestrial ecosystems, and minimising waste.

For our eco-programme we have partnered with organisations that align to this specifically around plastic ocean pollution, biodiversity and reducing our carbon footprint, so for each purchase made, help goes to these important causes.

Bees Abroad

We support the protection of Bees by partnering with Bees Abroad works; delivering projects that help relieve poverty through beekeeping, enhancing their livelihoods and improving their quality of life.


We’re committed to investing in nature to combat climate change and biodiversity loss. We’ve partnered with Earthly to gift trees on the back of all orders and to start our journey towards becoming a climate-positive business.

Surfers Against Sewage

Our blue planet needs as much attention as our green planet, we’re partners with Surfers Against Sewage to secure a thriving future for the ocean.

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