GoEthical – the Ethical Life Marketplace Commitment

GoEthical pledge that 1% of sales commission revenue will be shared as donations to our eco programme partnerships. Therefore, when you buy on GoEthical it’s comforting to know that you will also be supporting environmental causes around the planet.

Bees, Seas and Trees

As GoEthical is an eco-friendly app, we thought “long and hard” about the best environmental causes to support. The mission of GoEthical is to promote conservation through the protection of bees, cleaning up the seas and planting of trees. GoEthical support Bees, Seas and Trees charities which all make a telling contribution to the environment of our planet.

Help us all get to a better place through buying using GoEthical and in turn support our Bees, Seas and Trees partners.

Bees Partner – Bees Abroad

Bees Abroad are our “Bees Partner”. Bees Abroad are a registered UK-charity, which is operated by a global community of volunteers who are working to relieve poverty through the implementation of and ongoing support for beekeeping projects.

Bees Abroad work with local communities by providing hands-on help and advice to develop self-sustaining social enterprises. Beekeeping information is provided freely to people in places where this type of information is not easily available.

Income raised from beekeeping is re-invested into the enterprise with surpluses used for day to day living costs as well as medicines, school fees, etc. The honey alone can increase household income by around 20%.

Introducing higher numbers of bees into local communities also has massive eco-friendly benefits including crop pollination (bees can double crop yield), improved food security for the production of fruits, nuts and vegetables as well as providing a usage for low-quality land.

Socially the work from Bees Abroad is important too. The Enterprises provide an income for men and women alike of all ages, including those with physical and mental health disabilities. Beekeeping is also an activity, which many schools in developing countries can participate in as an educational and income-generating project.

A proven side-benefit of beekeeping is also that it tends to reduce habitat destruction by local populations. As beekeeping generates an income, this is a contributory factor to aid communities to protect their local environment and destruction of habits which is often the last resort become unnecessary (for economic reasons). Bees Abroad use locally sourced materials to make essential beekeeping equipment, including hives and protective clothing.

Read our detailed blog post about the GoEthical partnership with Bees Abroad by clicking this link.

Surfers Against Sewage – Seas Partner

Surfers Against Sewage is our “Seas Partner”. They are a registered charity and limited company based in the UK. The charity was established in 1990, primarily to support the surfer community in its fight against water pollution across the UK.

Surfers Against Sewage Logo

Surfers Against Sewage Logo

In 2020, the vision of the charity has moved to the fight against plastic as its principal mission. Through education, lobbying, research and practical hands-on support, the charity is making a real difference to the quality of the marine environment around the UK.

Read our detailed blog post about GoEthical partnering with Surfers Against Sewage by clicking this link.

GoEthical also BLUE members of another ocean conservation organisation, the Blue Marine Foundation. Although this is not a formal partnership you can read about our support here.

Trees Partner – One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is our “Trees Partner”. They are a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization located in Vermont, US. Operating to a simple concept of $1 donated = one tree planted, trees are currently being planted in Africa, Asia, Australia, Latin America and North America.

In 2019, One Tree Planted managed to plant in excess of 4 million trees. This is a significant contribution to combat global deforestation.

The logo of One Tree Planted

The logo of One Tree Planted

Planting trees has obvious environmental benefits. Just a few examples of these include improved air quality, improved biodiversity of species, improved climate (particularly carbon dioxide reduction), improved health for people and animals, provide a potential for food and employment opportunities (depending on the species planted) as well as water capture (which helps to avoid landslides).

One Tree Planted also are involved in ocean clean-ups, which contribute to our Seas programme too. Read our detailed blog post about the GoEthical partnership with One Tree Planted by clicking this link.

Contacting GoEthical

If you would like to contact GoEthical to discuss any of our eco programme partnerships or for any other purpose, then we would love to hear from you. Visit our contact us page for contact information or email Alix Cope, Co-Founder at enquiries@bazarapp.co.uk or telephone 020 8337 2175.



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