Shopping ethically is a “way of life” more than shopping. It’s exercising beliefs and values and applying them to what you buy. Many people think buying ethically comes at a cost, but it is very much possible to save money, especially when using apps. Here we explore how can I shop ethically whilst also saving money using apps.


Shopping ethically


Shopping ethically is adding values and beliefs when you buy products and services. Many ethical consumers are beginning to realise the great power they have when they choose to buy.


As more and more people start to shop ethically it will become increasingly mainstream and encourage manufacturers and retailers alike to adopt ethical principles as they see the market potential of ethical shopping.


We have produced a number of articles on shopping ethically, so please read the following for further information



Why choose an app?


There are many reasons to choose an app when shopping ethically. Here are just a few of the advantages of using an app compared to using a mobile website and also compared to the High Street). It’s impractical to list all of them here, but this will provide an idea:


Vs the High Street


Some of the benefits of using an app versus the high street:


  • 100% availability – wherever you travel the app is with you, although there will be restricted functionality usually if the internet is not available
  • Improved personalisation – apps are more personalised and learn based on user’s behaviour, location, preferences and interests
  • Multi-brands – on apps like GoEthical choose multi-vendor products on one site, it’s the equivalent of visiting hundreds of high street stores at once
  • Niche apps – there are apps for every niche, including ethical shopping (such as GoEthical!)
  • Product detail – read before you buy, research the product. Check the ethical detail, look for ethical accreditations


Vs mobile websites


Some of the benefits of using an app versus mobile websites:


  • Design advantages – apps don’t have the same restrictions that mobile websites do (due mainly to Browser restrictions)
  • Powerful software – apps are deceptively simple to look at, but inside there is massive computing power and functionality within apps
  • Speed – in general, apps are much faster than mobile websites


Ways to save money


Here are just some of the ways to save money when ordering through an ethical shopping app.


  • Avoid travel costs – save travelling time, the hassle and costs of parking and the bag carrying and crowds!
  • Avoid expensive high street costs – the high street has to pay expensive salaries, rent and council tax, which websites and apps don’t
  • Cut out the middle man – many products on Apps are direct from the Artisan/Craftsperson, this typically reduces the cost caused by many layers of profit. Order directly and support “Made in Britain” initiatives and also buy locally rather than products which could be from anywhere in the world
  • Send gifts directly – buy a gift in an app and save money by delivering it directly to your loved one. This is achieved simply by changing the delivery address location
  • Time – save time by ordering instantly, wherever you are – at work, on the train or at home, etc.
Buy ethical products on your mobile phone to save money

Buy ethical products on your mobile phone to save money

Contact GoEthical to learn more


Contact GoEthical to start saving money when buying through an ethical shopping app.

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