It sounds easy when you initially ask the question. Many people don’t always understand the full depths of what is meant though, so we have created this useful guide as a part of our series on shopping ethically. Here we explore “What is an Ethical Shopping App?”


A Working Definition


We can create a working definition for an ethical shopping app, by joining the three individual words with dictionary definitions (taken from the Cambridge English Dictionary).


  • Ethical –

    relating to beliefs about what is morally right and wrong” [1]

  • Shopping –

    the activity of buying things from shops” [2]

  • App – (abbreviation for application)

    a computer program that is designed for a particular purpose” [3]


So, joining the three words together an ethical shopping app is: “A computer application designed to help consumers to shop for products and services which relate to their values and beliefs”.


Applying ethical values in day to day life


We all have an everyday choice about whether to do “right or wrong”. It’s an age-old dilemma of the conscience, but there’s a growing number of people who want to be ethical day to day in all areas of their lives. One of these is the way we shop.


There is massive “power in the wallet”! Consumer spending power is what drives large corporations. Through buying ethically, consumers are making a statement about what’s important to them and can also improve their health at the same time.


Shopping with a conscience


Many people want to apply ethical values in their day to day life but aren’t always aware of how to when it comes to shopping. Buying from a local supermarket or a major shopping website online seems all too easy but buying according to your ethical values is not likely or guaranteed.


Buying from an app such as GoEthical where all the products sold are screened for their ethical values saves a lot of time in sifting through hundreds of websites to find products which meet your values.


Apps – sophisticated computer software at your fingertips


An app looks simple on the surface but is actually power-packed computer software which is available directly on your mobile device. The app provides an interface to conveniently search and find the products you love hassle-free. With full e-commerce functionality, the app enables users to buy their selected products and choose a delivery location or arrange for personal collection.


Additionally, craftspeople and artisans are able to upload items for sale and users can also upload and sell pre-owned items by recycling fast fashion or giving a new life to an upcycled item. The app doesn’t just offer access to ethical and sustainable brands, it embraces community. It’s a win-win!


GoEthical is a leading app in the ethical shopping market, check out GoEthical’s app features and an overview of the app here.

Buy ethically through GoEthical – the Ethical life marketplace

Buy ethically through GoEthical – the Ethical life marketplace

GoEthical – the ethical shopping app marketplace


GoEthical is a place where you will be able to fulfil all of your ethical requirements for shopping under one roof, all conveniently delivered in our app. GoEthical adds a marketplace to your shopping experience by bringing buyers and sellers of ethical goods together all in one marketplace and save money too!


Download in android or iOS format to enjoy the best in ethical shopping. Choose from the best biodegradable, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, Fairtrade, natural label, organic, pesticide-free, pre-owned, recyclable, sustainable and vegan products (as well as other categories too) here at GoEthical!


Learn more by downloading GoEthical

We hope this guide has helped enrich your knowledge about what an ethical shopping app is. 

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