What is Ethical? Are My Products Really Ethical?


Whenever we buy, we are actually executing a spending decision, we can buy with ethics in mind or without, the decision is entirely ours – provided we are informed with the right information. Many buyers don’t have access to the best information. We define “What is Ethical” here; this article will give readers a good guide to help ensure they buy ethical products in the future.


What are ethical products?


Anyone can buy products, it’s much harder to buy products with ethics though! Ethical products are “Products, which are manufactured or grown with the objective of complying with certain beliefs or values”.


One person’s core ethics will vary to another person’s, it’s all about choosing a path we are comfortable with and then trying to buy products which meet our core beliefs and values. Most ethical lifestyles will demand buying products which are friendly to the environment and are grown from sustainable resources. A challenge though will be to find products, which comply with these values.


Ways to tell whether products are ethical


Here is a simple checklist to look for to ascertain whether products are ethical or not:


Download and communicate with GoEthical – the Ethical Life Marketplace

Download and communicate with GoEthical – the Ethical Life Marketplace

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