The most convenient and effective way to buy and sell handmade crafts is by using an online app. GoEthical is an ethical life marketplace that lets you do just that, so here is an introduction to how you can take advantage of the functionality that it has to offer to fans of handmade goods.

Signing up

If you are a seller of handmade crafts, the first thing to do is to register your interest. This will also provide you with all the information you need to know about how GoEthical operates from a seller’s perspective. This includes useful Terms and Conditions as well as details of the rigorous privacy policy that governs how your data is used and protected.

For anyone looking to buy ethical products which have been made by hand by expert artisans, you can either download the GoEthical app from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store if your mobile platform of choice is iOS rather than Android.

Getting started

Sellers who have handmade goods to offer can take advantage of the intuitive, efficient seller dashboard interface which GoEthical provides. This enables sellers to upload products in bulk or add them one by one in under a minute via their mobile device. This gives you the flexibility to stay in complete control of how your brand is presented.

Some artisans may not have a website, which is GoEthical’s criteria for Pro Sellers. Irrespective of size, micro-sellers and smaller artisans can still just upload by using the app via their mobile device.

Buyers can search for handmade goods within the specific category on the GoEthical app, browsing through the trending options to uncover excellent wares that you will not find anywhere else.

Buying & selling

Organising orders is easy for buyers, as the checkout is seamless, and the Stripe payment platform is used to make sure that every purchase is completely secure. You can check up on your past orders, track the progress of ongoing orders and also get in touch with sellers directly if you have questions before, during or after a purchase.

The same excellent levels of functionality are available to brands, whether they are well established or just starting out. Managing large portfolios of products on GoEthical is a breeze, through the bulk upload feature and supporting stock management functions. The social features mean that you can always stay engaged with your customers, which can improve loyalty and generally boost satisfaction.

Buying and selling through GoEthical

Buying and selling through GoEthical

Community elements

Another big part of the GoEthical experience for buyers and sellers alike is the community-related capabilities it offers, including the GoEthical forum. You can have discussions with lots of other users, share tips and advice or highlight the hottest products to make sure that they do not go under the radar. Users can also add items to a personalised wish list too.

All of this makes GoEthical – The Ethical Life Marketplace App one of the most friendly and welcoming places to buy and sell handmade crafts of all kinds, all wrapped up in an app that is very straightforward to use.

Get in touch to find out more

On the contact page you can find out how to ask questions of the experienced GoEthical team via email, or you can call them on 020 8337 2175 and have a chat with a friendly person who is ready and raring to assist you.

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