What is sustainable fashion?


Opinions vary on what sustainable fashion is exactly, but we particularly like this definition from Swedish Environmental Consultancy, Global Strategy:


Sustainable fashion can be defined as clothing, shoes and accessories that are manufactured, marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible, taking into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects.”


Accreditations for the sustainable fashion industry


When buying fashion, look for these accreditations. If the fashion you are buying has these accreditations then the manufacturer will have to comply with a rigorous process in their production, which includes various elements of sustainability:



The difficulty of knowing if clothing is sustainably made


It’s very difficult when buying clothing locally in the high street to know how ethically a piece of clothing is made. Research takes time and often brands aren’t labelled correctly (if at all) to give you what you will need to make an informed decision.


This is where websites and apps (such as GoEthical) have a competitive advantage. Buying this way is likely to provide access to information about the product’s origins and its ethical values. Included in the product detail are also likely to be ethical accreditations (if appropriate). Choose an app like GoEthical and read extensive product detail and also view the ethical accreditations (including sustainability) at both the seller and product level.

Be the change


Ethical fashion is centred around sustainability. Be the change through buying eco-friendly fashion, which is made with natural energy from non-GMO cotton and is organic as well as pesticide free.


Support the work of Artisan clothing makers who will make unique handmade high-quality fashion, which will last. GoEthical recommends adopting slow fashion as a buying principle and “buycotting” the global fast fashion non-sustainable brands, which are damaging the planet.


GoEthical sustainable products badge


As per our GoEthical badge criteria guide, the GoEthical sustainable products badge is defined as


The seller confirms that their products are sustainable and provide either environmental, social or economic benefits while either protecting public health or the environment over their whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials until the final disposal of the product.”


Look for the sustainable badge when buying products on GoEthical or look for formal accreditations and logos, including Fairtrade, GTOS, BCI, WRAP etc.)


Examples of sustainable fashion brands selling on GoEthical


Look for these brands and others when shopping for fashion on the GoEthical app:


  • Bluehanded – a range of artisanal indigo textiles hand dyed from sustainable materials
  • Cariki – buy from this fashion-focused sustainable apparel brand
  • Leiho – this sock manufacturers uses sustainable bamboo sources to make socks
  • Morcant – a brand which buys from sustainable suppliers of materials and packaging
  • Waves – their range of flip flops are made from managed rubber trees


Downloading the GoEthical App is very easy


Why not invest 2-3 minutes, that’s all it takes to download the GoEthical app from the following links:



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