“Morcant creates season-less, branded essentials for your capsule wardrobe.”

Who are Morcant?

Morcant is a gender-neutral fashion founded by Matt Salkeld and Morgan Shaw. The brand develops functional clothing for everyday use, which is of high-quality and is made from long-lasting fabrics.

The name Morcant was derived from the Welsh language and means “Sea Circle”.  This reflects Morcant’s values as a brand with the “comforting tranquillity and consistency of the sea” combined with a goal to create a “circular lifecycle for the garments we wear.”

Matt and Morgan had searched the market for an ethical clothing brand with a company logo, which was sustainably made. When they found that brands in this market were over-priced and treated sustainability as a fad, which was likely to soon go out of fashion, they decided to launch Morcant.

Priced competitively the clothing has sustainability at its core. Some of the Morcant range belong to their organic collection, which features eco-friendly materials. All of Morcant’s clothing range are manufactured in Bangladesh.

Products range

Morcant has a range of ethically produced clothing, some of which are fully organic:

  • Hoodies – a range of unisex hoodies in a variety of styles
  • Sweaters – a choice of unisex sweaters, which are made from long-lasting materials
  • T-Shirts – a range of t-shirts and polo shirts
  • Accessories – a few to choose from such as tote bags and suede caps

Why are Morcant products ethical?

Here are some reasons why Morcant as a brand can be considered ethical:

  • Cruelty free – Collection III is PETA certified
  • Organic – Morcant have specific organic collections, which are certified as organically produced
  • Eco-friendly – materials used in clothing manufacture are certified as eco-friendly
  • Sustainable – the brand focuses on buying from sustainable suppliers of materials and packaging
  • Third Party Certified – Morcant holds several accreditations including PETA, WRAP and GOTS
  • Vegan – all clothes are made from 100% vegan materials

Badge Criteria Icons for Morcant

The following badge criteria all apply to Morcant:

  • Cruelty free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Organic
  • Sustainable
  • Third Party Certified
  • Vegan

Downloading GoEthical

It’s simple to download GoEthical. Use the following links to download GoEthical in just a few minutes:

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