Ethical Shopping – a Definition


What is “ethical shopping”? It means many things to many people. Here we define ethical shopping and the various ethical categories and products which are available.


What does the dictionary say?


We have explored the term “ethical shopping” by looking up the definitions for the words “ethical” and “shopping” within the Cambridge English Dictionary. Here is what we found:


  • Ethical –

    “relating to beliefs about what is morally right and wrong” [1]

  • Shopping –

    “the activity of buying things from shops” [2]


So, joining the two words together ethical shopping is: “Shopping for products and services which meet your moral beliefs and values”.

Buying Fairtrade fashion is just one example of ethical fashion

Buying Fairtrade fashion is just one example of ethical fashion

The many shades of ethical


There are many varieties of ethical, it’s not as simple as “right” and “wrong” it’s often more a case of what is a priority or important in a person’s life. In the broadest sense when buying ethical products most buyers would look for eco-friendly and sustainable values as a starting point.


When buying fashion, ethical accreditations such as Fair Trade, Fair Wear and GOTS are likely to be important.


When buying food and beverages, ethical values such as biodegradable, cruelty free, Natural label, organic, palm oil free, pesticide free, plant-based, recyclable, sustainable, and vegan are all likely to be considered when buying products. Indeed, many of these ethical values spill over into other ethical products too.


Ethics can also be applied to buying locally and supporting the UK economy, so buying from artisans and local craftsmen as well as looking for accredited Made in Britain products will be what’s sought.


Ethical products and services to buy


There are many types of ethical products and services to buy, below is a comprehensive list of different types available on GoEthical – the Ethical Life Marketplace.


Artwork, baby and parenting, books and magazines, crafts, collectables, electric vehicles, fashion (accessories, clothing, vintage, etc.), food and beverages, handmade goods, health and beauty, home and garden, home appliances, jewellery and watches, microbrewery, music, pottery and glassware, sailing and yachting, second hand goods, sports equipment and toys/hobbies.


Choose to buy and sell through GoEthical – the ethical choice


The fact is that ethical values can be applied to everything we buy. Clearly, the attributes and accreditations change according to the product. It’s a case of remembering each and every time you buy what is important to you.


Through GoEthical, you can buy with the comfort and peace of mind that the products and services available are highly likely to meet the ethical values, which are important to you. Save money at the same time too!


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