Who doesn’t love a surprise? The anticipation, the wonder and the joy of opening a mystery box containing a load of goodies is one of the best feelings (and personally one of our favourites). If you combine that feeling with ethical product swaps that do good for the world, then what a feeling that would be. 

Maybe, surprises are not your thing, but you would love to make more ethical day to day choices, but are struggling to find the right products for you or are a little apprehensive about making the change (we all have our favourite products).

If this sounds like something that you would really enjoy, you’re not alone and we’ve got something really exciting we’d like to share with you.

What Are Subscription Boxes?

Subscription Boxes are exactly what they sound like. For a recurring payment, you receive a mystery box that contains an assortment of products, typically with a common theme. Popular subscription boxes include make-up, treats for pets, homewares and alcohol. The popularity of subscriber boxes continues to grow. People are finding new and exciting boxes that appeal to them and relish in the mystery of what they are going to get and allowing you to test new things to see what works for you. We wanted to offer those who wanted to enjoy the thrill of subscription boxes while also making ethical life choices and trying a variety of products the chance to do so.

This leads us too…

Ethical Subscription Boxes

We’re proud to introduce a new and exciting range of ethical subscription boxes, designed to not only give you that feeling of receiving a gift every month but also to help you make easy swaps for sustainable lifestyle choices. Each subscription box is filled with hand-chosen ethical and artisan products and some of our favourites, chosen across our wide range of product categories. It is this combination of high-quality unique products, ethical consciousness, showing support for amazing British small businesses and a desire to make a difference that makes this particular mystery box so special.  

Our subscription boxes are available in three different themes.

  • For Her
    • A beautiful collection of luxury products chosen to meet the needs of women with collections of products perfect for daily usage
  • For Him
    • An awesome collection filled with inspiring, practical products with the daily needs of men in mind.
  • Smart Swaps
    • Packed with practical ethical products to make swapping products for your home and when you’re on the go quick and easy.

We take great pride in choosing a varied collection of products that are all high quality. Each box will contain at least 2 full-size products, with a minimum of 4 products in the box. This selection allows you to try multiple different sustainable products to see what works best for your lifestyle.

As well as the products, you’ll also receive a factsheet, so you can learn about each product and the brand that made it so you can understand how your choice is having a positive impact. And, to top it all off, we’ll plant a tree with every box purchase and provide you with a collection of seed balls for you to plant yourself. 

Once you’ve made your selection, each product will be delivered to your door every month using environmentally friendly packaging.

Our Subscription Box Prices

Now that we’ve gone through what each box may contain ( it is a mystery after all) it seems only fair that we tell you how much our subscription box service will cost.

The subscription box will cost £39.99 (per month) and offers you a saving of 25% on average vs buying the same products in the box individually. You can also purchase the box as a one-off subscription of £42.99 or by signing up to our monthly subscription, you’ll get a 10% discount paying £38.69 per month.

If you’ve signed up for the monthly subscription and decide that it isn’t for you, or you just want to put the subscription on hold, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Sign Up For Your First Box Today! 

We hope you are as excited about our ethical subscription boxes as we are. You can sign up for your first box now! Then sit back, relax and wait for your box of ethical goodness to arrive!

If you prefer to buy products individually, all of the products are available from the GoEthical app which is available on IOS or Google Play

You’ll find a wide range of ethically vetted sellers, as well as a collection of pre-loved items. If you are looking for a way to make a little extra money and sell your own beautiful preloved items you can also register yourself to be a seller.