There are many reasons why buying British has ethical benefits, these include for example a lower carbon footprint, supporting artisanal skills and British jobs, etc. Read on to learn about the ethics of buying British made products.


Why can buying British be considered ethical?


Here are just some of the reasons we believe that buying local British made products can be considered ethical:


  • Accreditations – if you are looking for ethical accreditations on products you buy it will generally be much easier to find on British-made products
  • Buy Local / building communities – buying very local to your location not only stimulates the local economy but also builds communities. This is particularly true in agriculture where rural economies trade goods in places such as farmers markets
  • Eco-friendly benefits – it’s important for us all to preserve the earth’s precious resources. A major benefit of British products for UK buyers is that they have a lower carbon footprint than imported goods, which require transportation and hence the emission of fossil fuels
  • Preserving Artisanal and craftsmen skills – buying British helps to protect valuable artisan skills, which might otherwise disappear. Examples of artisan/craft skills include (but are not limited to) artists, bakers, beauticians, carpenters, chocolatiers, farmers, jewellers, photographers, potters, sculptors and toymakers
  • Raw material supply route – for many people understand the source of materials of their products is all-important. When buying imported goods this is much more difficult to trace than buying British goods, especially ones made locally


Some examples of British Made products available on GoEthical


GoEthical is pleased to recommend the following brands as just a few examples of the British made products on GoEthical. For each of these we have a dedicated “Meet the Brand” page:


  • Bluebell Lane Jewellery – all of their jewellery products are handmade in Suffolk from recycled metals
  • Nom Nom – their range of products for mother and baby are formulated and handmade in the UK
  • Raw Gorilla – their natural food snacks (fruits, nuts, pods, seeds and tubers) are British-made
  • Seedball – all of Seedball’s wildflower seed-based products are made in London

About the GoEthical “Made in Britain Badge”


In our ethical criteria guide, you can read about the various ethical badges, which sellers can display on the GoEthical app. One of these is the “Made in Britain Badge” this means:


The seller confirms that the primary components of this produce, item or garment have been created and produced locally in the UK from sustainable resources with less of an impact on the environment.

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