Green Gift Guide: Ethical Gifts For Your Dad This Father’s Day

It’s almost that time of year again, Father’s Day is rolling around, and it’s time to buy a present to show your appreciation for the father figure in your life, but we all face the same problem; what do you buy him? 

If you want to skip the conventional gift this year and get a gift that’ll stay in line with your green living values, this ethical gift guide is for you. All these choices are from certified sustainable companies that sell only environmentally friendly products. 

We all hate throwing away silly gifts that you know you’ll never use, so we’ve ensured to include something the Dad in your life is sure to get good use of. 

A Bit Of Advice On Eco Gifting 

Each year in the UK, we use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper, which ends up in landfill; this is because you cannot recycle regular wrapping paper, ribbons, and plastic wrap. 

To reduce your wrapping waste, you can swap to recyclable or eco-friendly wrapping paper. Most brown paper, for example, is recyclable or compostable. You could get creative with your wrapping by using old newspapers, magazines, or gift bags you already have; these will not only look great but help you reduce your waste.

The traditional Father’s Day card also creates a lot of waste as it often can’t be recycled due to the materials used or the glitter added. Consider skipping the card this year, or send an ecard instead, a quick and easy alternative to the traditional paper card; you just choose a design and personalise your message.


The Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Guide 

Beard Care 

It’s hard to go wrong with beard care if your Father figure likes to style their beard or moustache. This is a gift that will rarely go to waste, and it shows you’ve put some thought into what your Dad would love to receive. 

We love Mr Masey’s Emporium, a shop that sells superior quality beard, shave and cologne essentials; spiffingly good products for the discerning gentleman. You will find everything you need for your Dad, from the very best beard oils to beard balms and waxes, beard shampoo and conditioner to their magnificent moustache wax, or their sumptuous shave soap and sophisticated cologne.

Their essential’s beard kit is excellent for cleaning, nourishing and styling. It includes a handmade shampoo bar to keep his beard clean and fresh, an oil to soothe, nourish and hydrate the beard, and a tin of their beard balm, which is a great sculpting product for the beard. 

Their big beard kit includes two essential elements for a bushier Dad: a beard wash and a beard conditioner. When big beards get dry, the skin beneath can become flaky, and soon enough, the condition of the beard deteriorates; this kit will keep the beard in top quality and incredibly soft. 

Mr Masey’s is also handmade in small batches, with the entire collection being vegan, plant-based, and cruelty-free.

Shaving Products 

If your Dad isn’t a bearded chap, then the Personal Barber Shaving Club may be right up his street. They curate the best men’s shaving and skincare products from around the world, bundle them in limited edition kits and send them out to the members in their popular shaving club. Expect top customer service and strong eco-friendly credentials. They’re against wasteful plastic disposable razors, instead teaching their members the art of shaving with a classic single-blade razor and brush.

Every kit features a completely different selection but always includes a classic razor, shaving brush, replacement razor blades, and step by step shaving guide. Check out some of their most popular curated shaving kits in our marketplace. A great gift to hand over on the day.

The best part about this kit is that the whole box is environmentally friendly. It includes no plastic disposable cartridges to clog up landfills, and all blades are 100% recyclable.

Vegan Leather Accessories 

Luxury accessories have historically meant using genuine leather. More recently, the quality of non-leather textiles has improved, as the demand for animal-free accessories has grown. Watson & Wolfe believe that everyone should have access to environmentally friendly, high-quality accessories regardless of their lifestyle choices, and that’s where their brand comes into play. 

Their collections are made in a small boutique factory with a long history of producing the highest quality accessories for luxury brands worldwide. Using traditional crafting techniques, they produce a superior product that is cruelty-free and sustainable. Their brand encourages more men to shop sustainably.

Watson & Wolfe reclaims and uses 100% post-consumer bottles to produce their beautifully soft and luxurious lining. rPET fabric requires significantly less water, energy and CO2 to manufacture. Making it a wise choice for many reasons. 

Whether you’re looking for a wallet, bag, belt, or other accessories for your stylish old man who cares for our planet, Watson & Wolfe is a perfect choice. 

Stylish Shoes 

You can never go wrong with a good pair of high quality, long-lasting shoes. This is a fantastic gift as many Dads don’t treat themselves to a product they need.

Cody & Co have combined their wealth of experience in the footwear industry to hand-make shoes for the informed modern man. By drawing inspiration from Britain and the Continent, their deconstructed, progressive designs break with tradition and signal a fresh, fluid, and sustainability-driven era. 

Whether your Dad prefers the traditional brogue, loafer, Chelsea boot or a comfy trainer, Cody & Co has the choice you need. This is really a gift that your old man will cherish for years to come as these shoes usually last for life! 

All Cody & Co shoes are designed and manufactured in England. Located in Sheffield, their factory hand makes each shoe to the highest specifications, through traditional methods. Only premium materials, primarily sourced from UK suppliers are used.

Ethical Clothes 

If you want to get your Dad a stylish piece, but want to stay away from fast fashion, then WANT might be right up your street. WANT t-shirts give uniqueness by providing an artist-designed, limited edition, high quality and gift boxed t-shirt that promotes positive change.

All their cotton is from sustainable farming, and they only use water-based environmentally friendly inks in the screen printing process. Their t-shirts are designed to do more than feel and look good. From cotton farmers, template cutters and t-shirt stitchers to the designer and printer, everyone involved in the creation process gets paid a fair wage for what they do. 

WANT t-shirts make for an incredible gift. they’ve specified every stitch, deliberated over the cotton stock to create the very best t-shirts using skilled and ethical sources. Their designers are handpicked from across the world, and the designs are limited to keep your purchase extra special. 

This gift is going to make your Dad a very happy chap.

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