As we begin to emerge from the cocoon of lockdown, many of us will be thinking about the glorious summer holidays, which are just popping up on the horizon.

With uncertainty over the stability and safety of international travel still very much on the minds of many, the humble UK staycation is the obvious winner. This is great news for our environment as staycations are much more eco-friendly. One reason for this is the lack of flying. Transport makes up nearly half of the global carbon footprint for the tourism industry. So traveling by car or train is a great way to reduce this impact.

There are other things to consider too when looking to take an eco-staycation this summer. This short guide will explore what to look for in a hotel, some of our favourite destinations and a few helpful packing tips to help keep your holiday nice and green.

Location, Location, Location

When considering an eco-location, it doesn’t get better than mother nature’s finest environment. Britain is home to an incredible and diverse range of landscapes. From thousands of miles of sandy beaches, snow-capped mountains, hills of rolling green and a collection of fantastic national parks. The beauty of these landscapes rivals many that can be found abroad. There truly is something for everyone looking to get back to nature on their eco-staycation.  Here are just two of our faves.

The Lake District Landscape

Possibly one of the best known UK staycation destinations. This beautiful jewel located in the northwest of England is perfect for anyone looking to experience nature in all of its glory. You can enjoy beautiful long hikes, the local wildlife or, if you are feeling adventurous, take on Scafell Pike, England’s tallest mountain! Fell Foot is an excellent location for the entire family to enjoy canoeing and other activities by the lakes.

The Isles of Scilly Scenery 

For those looking for an eco-staycation which feels more like an exotic getaway, the Isles of Scily are a perfect choice. Located off the coast near Cornwall in the southwest of England, this collection of islands boast golden beaches, fantastic wildlife and fantastic food. During your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to explore different islands, each with their own wildlife and flora. The perfect staycation destination for slowing down and taking it easy.

Eco Home Away From Eco Home

Once you have chosen where you want to go for your eco-staycation, you’ll need to choose a place to stay. To help make your trip that little bit more environmentally friendly, you can look for a few things when booking your hotel.

  • Do they generate their own power? They could do this through the installation of solar panels on the roof, for example.
  • Is their food sourced from local providers?
  • Do they offer plenty of recycling opportunities for waste
  • Do they have a certification to prove how green they are, such as TripAdvisor’s Green Leaders or a certificate from green tourism?

By just considering and exploring a few of these elements, you’ll be doing that little bit more to help make your staycation more eco friendly. You will also be helping to support the growing popularity of eco-tourism, which will help more places take notice of the trend and implement eco changes.

One option to consider is staying in a property looked after by the National Trust. There are a number of options up and down the country, with a variety of sizes available for whatever you are looking for. These adorable countryside homes come equipped with solar panels, eco radiators, and a whole host of other features designed to make them more sustainable. Furthermore, by staying at one of these locations, you’ll be helping to support the conservation work they do all over the UK.

Another alternative to consider is camping out under stars and truly getting back to nature. There are many campsites across the UK, some that have gone through a process of ‘rewilding’ that has allowed nature to take its course and reshape the landscape. The result is a truly unique eco-staycation experience. 

Eco-packing Tips

So you’ve chosen where you want to go, and where you’ll be staying. Now all that is left to do is to pack. There are many things to think about, so what are a few simple things you can do when packing to help you have an eco-staycation.

Ditch the travel size

It is often tempting to pick up travel size bottles of shampoo and body wash when shopping for those travel essentials. Despite their obvious benefits of being a great space saver, they are usually made from plastic, and you’ll have to throw them away when you’re finished. Instead, why not consider buying reusable bottles and filling those with the shampoo and body wash you use at home? Or even buying shampoo bars and a reusable travel case. These little changes will help reduce your plastic use in a big way. 

‘Not’ a summer wardrobe

With the excitement of our UK staycation in full swing, we can sometimes start thinking about fabulous new clothes and accessories. However, as tempting as those new items are, doing so fuels fast fashion which negatively impacts the environment. As an alternative, why not consider upcycling, and turning something you already own into something even more fabulous? Or perusing the GoEthical app for a preloved gem? 

Bring your own bottle

With all the fun activities you’ll have planned it is important to stay well hydrated. Rather than buying bottles of water, which could end up in a landfill or even as litter. consider purchasing a reusable bottle. The metal versions available from brands such as Leiho or One Green Bottle are not only way more stylish than a plastic bottle, they help you to reduce plastic usage and will even keep your drinks nice and cold on your adventures.   

Smart suncare

UK Staycations in summer can experience some beautiful hot sunny days. To stay safe you’ll need to pack sunscreen with an adequate level of SPF protection. When buying yours, be sure to purchase reef safe sunscreen. The chemicals found in sunscreen are some of the biggest contributors to the extinction of our coral reefs. So even while in good old blighty, it doesn’t hurt to do our part.

These few things all go a long way to helping our environment and help your staycation be that little more eco-friendly.

Happy travels!

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