Sustainable shopping is something which more people are striving to achieve at the moment. If you are looking for a convenient, efficient way to find eco-conscious products, an online app may be the best way to go. But how can you make use of cutting edge retail platforms to buy items that do not contravene your sustainable sensibilities?

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The first step to making your consumer choices more sustainable is to register for GoEthical, the all-new marketplace app that is built from the ground up to give customers an easy way to pinpoint a parade of products that are sourced ethically and sold by brands that actually care about the environment.

At a time when climate change is accelerating, even making a small change to the way you shop can bring significant benefits. Download GoEthical from the following two links:

Start searching for sustainable products

GoEthical brings together a huge variety of different products which put sustainability at the top of the agenda.

This includes almost every type of item you could imagine, including crafts, groceries and handmade goods as well as products for the home and garden.

You can browse individual categories or use the product feed to find items that are getting a lot of attention from other app users at the moment. This means you can uncover hidden gems quickly, as well as being able to buy from big brands that have taken the need for sustainability to heart.

Choose pre-loved items

Another great way to make your shopping more sustainable is to buy second hand products from GoEthical.

Opting to order vintage clothing or antiques rather than buying brand new equivalents is always going to be more sustainable because you will not be consuming any more natural resources but will instead be using items that have already been produced many years ago.

Lots of experts advocate for the idea that you should try to reuse and recycle as much as possible, which is an ethos that buying pre-loved products fits into.

Buy sustainable antiques from GoEthical

Buy sustainable antiques from GoEthical

Ask questions and order

If you want to learn more about the sustainability of a product on GoEthical you can get in touch with the seller with ease, as well as being able to see feedback provided by other users so that you know exactly what eco-credentials are on offer.

The community aspects of the app make it well suited to shoppers who are keen to be as responsible with their spending as possible. Each seller will also have information about their sustainability displayed on their profile, which lets you see what standards they meet at a glance and avoids any potential ambiguity before you decide to place an order.

Get information and assistance

At GoEthical, we aim to bring sustainable shopping to as many people as possible, so you can learn more about what our app can do for you by contacting us today and letting our team answer any questions that you have about boosting your sustainability as a consumer.


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