How to Keep your Teeth Healthy and Stay Eco-friendly

It’s not a bad idea to start thinking about some of the ingredients in your toothpaste and to consider switching to natural or organic toothpaste. While many are clinically tested, in the past there have been few ingredients that have been found to be harmful and since have been banned (triclosan).

Below we’ll be covering more detail about the benefits of natural toothpaste. Whilst you might feel leery about making the switch there are numerous top options available.

In this article we’ll be covering: 

  • Why use natural toothpaste?
  • Is organic toothpaste better than regular toothpaste?
  • Natural and organic toothpastes


Why use natural toothpaste?

The beauty industry in recent years has started to double back on itself with natural, green and less chemically derived formulas – and toothpaste is no exception. 

Let’s have a look at some of the ingredients used in toothpaste today:

Triclosan – is a widely used chemical formula used in antibacterial hand sanitizer and toothpaste. It has recently been banned by the FDA in body wash and baby products but remains as an active ingredient in toothpaste.

Saccharin – used in toothpaste to add flavour and sweetness, it has also been in some food sweeteners but has since been discontinued due to it being known to cause bladder cancer in lab rats. Not so surprising, it’s still used by big companies in toothpaste to make it taste sweeter.

Propylene Glycol – is an active ingredient in antifreeze and industrial paint. It helps to make your teeth ‘silky smooth’ but at what cost? Well, it’s known to cause cancer, reproductive complications, skin irritation and more. 

Plastic – all non-natural toothpaste comes in a plastic tube which unfortunately cannot be reused/recycled and counts as a single-use object. 

Why natural toothpaste is better

So now we know some of the ingredient complications with today’s toothpaste, let have a look at why natural toothpaste is better.

Firstly natural toothpaste is derived from natural ingredients such as herbs, mints, sodium bicarbonate, coconut oils etc. Natural toothpastes are made up of lots of ingredients that are important for good oral health and more often than not these ingredients won’t be found in usual toothpastes. These ingredients were all used in original toothpaste back in the day so they do indeed work without the nasty chemicals, when it comes to natural toothpaste there are no hidden additives or preservatives.

One of the main concerns is whether natural toothpaste whitens teeth, the answer is yes, ultimately the you’ll see the best results from a professional whitening session but the ingredients to look for in natural toothpaste is baking soda or charcoal toothpastes.

Natural toothpaste effectively cleans your teeth using nature’s toolkits of plants and extracts to fight bacteria. If you also have a sensitive mouth, natural toothpaste is much more gentle on the gums and teeth than industry standard brands like colgate. 

We often choose the best for children, ensuring if the toothpaste is accidentally swallowed it doesn’t cause any harm, so why aren’t we taking the same care for ourselves? 

Is organic toothpaste better than regular toothpaste?

Much like natural toothpaste, organic toothpastes are much healthier for your gums and general health. You know of organic foods, organic toothpaste is much the same formulated from natural ingredients like spearmint and peppermint oils and more. It’s a healthier alternative to regular toothpaste and can often be called natural toothpaste which is made up of organic ingredients as we’ve discussed above.


Natural and Organic toothpastes

Below we’ve covered some great options for natural and organic toothpastes if you’re looking to make the switch.

1. Dr Organic Tea Tree Toothpaste 



Dr Organic Tea Tree Toothpaste 100ml

With a lemon-mint flavour this fresh Dr Organic Tea Tree toothpaste will leave mouths feeling fresh and super clean. It contains Aloe Vera, icelandic moss and silica. With the anti-bacterial properties of tea tree regular brushing with this great can help to protect against plaque, tartar, discolouration, cavities and bad breath. This natural toothpaste is purifying, whitening and contains an anti-cavity benefit.


2. EcoDenta Wild Strawberry Toothpaste 

Ecodenta Wild Strawberry Scented Toothpaste for Children with Carrot Extract & Kalident 75ml


Ecodenta Wild Strawberry Scented Toothpaste for Children with Carrot Extract & Kalident has been created to care for children’s teeth. By gently cleansing and protecting children’s teeth from micro-cracks, decay and strengthens dental enamel.



3. Ecodenta Triple effect toothpaste

Ecodenta Triple Effect Toothpaste 100ml

Triple effect toothpaste with white clay, propolis and Teavigo™ for effective care of the most sensitive oral areas

If you’re looking for more eco friendly dental care options check out GoEthical for more items like this.