The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has left millions of people stuck at home with a lot more time on their hands due to the disruption to employment it has caused.

When confronted with your living spaces in such an intimate, uninterrupted way, you might start to realise that you have a lot of possessions that you no longer need. The de-cluttering trend was already gaining traction thanks to high profile gurus like Marie Kondo, but now more than ever is a good time to think about parting ways with unwanted items.

Rather than taking them to the local recycling centre, which may be difficult at this time anyway, you could also sell your second hand products and get some cash in return. So, what is the best way to go about this?

Sell pre-loved products on GoEthical

GoEthical – The Ethical Life Marketplace App is designed to allow consumers and brands to buy and sell all sorts of sustainable products, including second hand goods and recyclable items.

You can get the app right now and use it to either find products to order from reputable sellers or become a seller yourself and make use of its intuitive interface and excellent features to pass on pre-loved items that you own but have just been gathering dust.

Sellers can add individual products to a page in less than a minute. GoEthical is therefore ideal for individual sellers who are having a coronavirus-inspired clear-out of their homes. It is also well-suited for brands and companies that deal in second hand goods, who may prefer the bulk upload feature, which is available with pro-seller accounts.

Sell pre-loved products on GoEthical

Sell pre-loved products on GoEthical

Benefits of the app

There are lots of reasons to use GoEthical to buy and sell pre-loved products if de-cluttering is on the agenda.

First and foremost, because the ethos of the app is explicitly geared towards ethical consumerism, you will be able to find lots of other users who share the same principles. GoEthical connects sellers with buyers who are ready and willing to buy second hand items because of the benefits to the environment and overall sustainability that this promotes. Find even larger items, such as furniture or electric vehicles by location filter with pickup/collection options.

Secondly, GoEthical is designed to help all users communicate with one another, so it is easy for buyers to ask questions and for sellers to respond. The social media-style features and budding community create a positive atmosphere and plenty of convenience for all involved.

Finally, GoEthical is not just for selling second hand goods but also focuses on all sorts of new and used products, including organic food, vegan goods, fair wear fashion, vintage fashion, upcycled goods and lots of other options besides. So even if you just use it to de-clutter your home at first, you can go on to buy and sell lots of other items on GoEthical in the future.

Got a question?

Whether you get in touch online or call GoEthical on 020 8337 2175, you can be sure of a swift, friendly response to any query you might have. Before you call us be sure to download the GoEthical app now through the Apple Store or Google Play:


Image Sources: Andrea Piacquadio and Ready Made

Looking to sell ethical products, reach and connect with conscious consumers?

Looking to buy ethical and sustainable products or sell your pre-loved items?