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As a GoEthical buyer, you’ll be part of our community with greater choice and access to curated ethical brands as well as goodies across, Handmade Artisan and Pre-loved categories, but all in one marketplace. This will help save your time, no more trawling different apps and websites, save time and shop with purpose by downloading our app today!




Buy, sell and chat using the GoEthical marketplace APP

Why Shop Through GoEthical?

GoEthical provides a choice of high-quality ethical products, unique, personalisable, handmade gifts and pre-loved treasures, all in one easy-to-use marketplace! The world around us is changing at a rapid rate, with more of us wanting to make a difference by turning towards eco-friendly shopping.

  • Discover unique Ethical and Artisan products and buy and sell preloved items
  • Quick, one-time registration and easy to use secure app that provides a personalised experience.
  • Easy to understand eco-values that give you confidence that an Ethical brand meets the eco criteria you’re interested in.
  • Contribute to a better tomorrow knowing with every purchase we give 1% sales commission revenue to our eco-charities to help reduce plastic, improve our carbon footprint and support greater biodiversity. Find out more about our eco partners.


To get started, download the app now.

Buy, sell and chat using the GoEthical marketplace APP

Buy Products That Match Your Values

We are committed to reducing environmental impact in retail and key to this is ensuring transparency where we can, so that you know what you’re buying and the benefits of the item. When you buy from our Ethical brands, we ensure our sellers assign their products to one or more of our 13 eco-values so you have visibility of which ethical standard their products align to. 

Sell organic products that are better for people, animals and the planet, using environmentally-friendly farming methods.
For those looking to give more thought to their purchases and become more conscious.
Garments that have been recycled or repurposed and are certified eco-friendly with no harmful chemicals.
Sell environmentally-friendly products that are not harmful to the plant or to animals.
Plant-based goods derived from plant sources and do not contain animal products.
Plastic Free
Products that are are plastic and microbead free.
Zero Waste Living
Help customers reduce consumption and waste by reducing landfill waste and encouraging creativity.
Products derived from 100% natural resources and ingredients without the use of hazardous chemicals.
Products providing environmental, social or economic benefits and protection.
Social Impact
The seller gives back and demonstrates an on-going commitment to charitable activities or positive social impact initiatives.
Made in Britain
The primary components of products have been produced locally in the UK from sustainable resources, reducing carbon footprint.
Products crafted by skilled craftspeople and independent artisans, with primary components that are not mass-produced.
Third-Party Certified
Brands that have been verified by a third-party organisation, meeting their ethical criteria.
Buy, sell and chat using the GoEthical marketplace APP

Sell Artisan and Preloved

On our app you’ll also be able to sell your own handmade artisan and pre-loved items.

Sell a few items or use it as an opportunity to grow your own business. Whatever you choose we’ll help you get there. It’s simple to get started. Check out our tips for selling on the GoEthical app!




Need some more info? Here’s some of the most commonly asked questions by our buyers on GoEthical.

What is GoEthical?

The growing climate crisis has made consumers more conscious of what they buy. is the UK’s first dedicated ethical marketplace and lifestyle app bringing curated ethical & eco brands, artisans and preloved items to one marketplace app. It is the marketplace that provides choice and access to curated ethical goods from eco-must haves through to unique creatives and preloved treasures. is more than a shopping app, it’s a community of buyers and sellers looking to make eco and sustainable lifestyle changes through our lifestyle functionality. They can interact and share knowledge while embracing new shopping habits that positively impact environmental change, through small individual changes. It’s a home where eco-businesses can thrive and consumers can trust brand values. 


You can download our app on the iOS app store here or google play here.

Our Terms and Conditions

Our terms are attached below, we hope they are straightforward and fair but happy to take any feedback or questions, please just email us on

Terms and Conditions

Our Privacy Policy

We take keeping your data private seriously and want to respect your wishes when managing your data while providing you the service we promise. We comply with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) when dealing with all data received from users of our website or app.  We will only hold the data necessary to offer services provided on our website or app and for as long as necessary, once the data is no longer required we will delete it. When you delete your account we will also delete your personal data unless you have subscribed separately to our email newsletters.  Your data will allow users of the service to buy and sell and also communicate with each other as required. In addition we will also need to contact you from time to time to ensure the service is delivered.  If you are signed up to our email newsletters you can unsubscribe  anytime by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email. Any email we send you will be clearly marked from GoEthical. 

Please also be reassured that we will never sell your data.  Our full privacy policy can be found here if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on

How do I sign up to GoEthical?

We are app based, which enables you to quickly access your saved preferences, and easily pay for items as you go. You can find the GoEthical app in the Appstore for iOS here and Google Play Store for Android devices here, so download the app now to follow a very simple sign-up process.

I can’t log on or create an account?

If you’re creating an account and you close the app part way, don’t worry your progress will be saved. Rather than signing-up with the same details as you left off, try signing-in to complete your account. 

How do I delete my account?

To delete your GoEthical account, go to, My Profile> Setting> Delete Account. You won’t be able to delete your account if you have any pending orders or live transactions.

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