Meet the Brand – Elephant Branded


“Every purchase provides school equipment for children in Cambodia and Africa”


Who is Elephant Branded?


Elephant Branded was founded by James Munro Boon in 2011. Working for the China office of a London-based Architect firm, James had noticed in his travels throughout Asia and Africa the lack of school supplies available to children.


Whilst in Cambodia, James met up with Pry and Mey who were making bags out of recycled cement. James worked with their design to adapt it to Western markets to use profits made to fund school equipment supplies in Africa and Asia.


James set-up Elephant Branded with a vision to help with the supply of school equipment as every time you buy a product a donation of school is made to children in Africa or Asia. It’s a simple philosophy, but one which has proven to be highly effective.


With eco-friendly values at the core, Elephant Branded has developed a range of products, which are made from recycled and sustainable sources. Buy ethically from Elephant Branded and know that you are donating school supplies to needy school children.


Elephant Branded product ranges


The products available from Elephant Branded, which you can buy on GoEthical are:


These products are handcrafted from recycled rice bags in Cambodia


  • Clipper bag – there are two types (small size in blue) and (large size in yellow)
  • Laptop case – there are two types (13” laptop sleeve) and (15” laptop sleeve)
  • Messenger bag – a large brown and yellow messenger bag
  • Pencil case – handcrafted from recycled rice bags in Cambodia, these are an ideal gift for use in schools and universities


Also available is a large clipper bag which is made from recycled cement bags.


These are marketed by the brand as:


  • The Original Elephants – the initial range, which were made from recycled cement bags
  • The Wild Elephants – made from recycled rice bags and motor bike seats
  • The Urban Elephants – made from recycled motor bike tyre inner tubes


Why are Elephant Branded products ethical?


Elephant Branded are importers of ethically made products from Cambodia. Here are reasons why their product range is ethical:


  • Artisan – all products sold are sourced from Artisans in Cambodia
  • Eco friendly – products are recycled and hence eco-friendly and don’t use precious resources
  • Recyclable – products are made from recycled materials including cement sacks, motorbike tyre inner tubes, rice bags/sacks, etc.
  • Social impact – for every product purchased, donations are made to schools in Africa or Asia, these include backpacks, notebooks, pens, school kits and stationery packs
  • Sustainable – Elephant Branded work closely to ensure all materials used are from sustainable sources
This large clipper bag is an Elephant Branded product which you can buy on GoEthical

This large clipper bag is an Elephant Branded product which you can buy on GoEthical

Badge Criteria for Elephant Branded


The following badge criteria all apply to this brand:


  • Artisan
  • Eco-friendly
  • Recycled
  • Social impact
  • Sustainable




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