Meet the Brand – Harfi

“Unique, handmade, feel-good jewellery and lifestyle products”

Who are Harfi?

The word “Harfi” is “Artisan” in Arabic. Artisans are at the very centre of everything Harfi do, as all products are handcrafted by highly-talented Artisans from developing countries. Harfi provides a platform for these Artisans to sell their fine handcrafted jewellery and lifestyle products.

Chris Walker and Sabrina Aich co-founded Harfi in 2018. Sabrina is of Moroccan descent, so it was natural for her to want to promote the fine handcrafted products from the country of her ancestors. Other countries which Harfi work closely with Artisans in include India, Turkey and Vietnam.

Product ranges

The products available from Harfi, which you can buy on GoEthical are:

  • Argan oil – 50ml of pure organic Argan oil, which is great for the body, face and hair
  • Bags – a range of bags including travel and wash bags and an extensive handbags selection:
    • Handbags – a collection of bags including beach, saddle shoulder as well as handbags made in a variety of materials (leather, rattan, straw, etc.)
  • Face masks – a selection of double layered organic cotton washable face masks to look good when you cover up
  • Homeware – various items for around the house including:
    • Baskets – a selection of artisan woven baskets made in Vietnam from natural and sustainable materials
    • Pillow covers – cotton pillow covers in eye-catching designs
    • Rugs – Moroccan handcrafted rugs available in many designs
    • Throws and blankets – Moroccan handcrafted throws and blankets
  • Jewellery – handmade jewellery from artisan jewellers in India:
    • Bracelets – a large selection of ethically made bracelets sourced from India
    • Earrings – a large selection of gold and silver-plated earrings
    • Necklaces – a small selection of ethical handmade necklaces
    • Rings – a large selection of handmade rings
  • Towels – Turkish made towels handwoven from 100% organic cotton

Why are Harfi products ethical?

Harfi are importers of ethically made products from around the world. Whilst the following ethical values may not apply to every product, these are reasons why GoEthical, in general, recommends Harfi as an ethical seller:

  • Artisan – all products sold by Harfi are from carefully selected Artisans
  • Biodegradable – products are made from biodegradable products such as cotton, linen and seagrass. These will decompose at the end of their lifespan
  • Cruelty-free – all Harfi products are created without any harm to animals
  • Eco friendly – products have a low carbon footprint and are ethically made with natural and biodegradable materials
  • Natural products – 90% of the products Harfi sell are made from natural products
  • Organic – Harfi sell a range of organically produced products including organic cotton (throws and towels) and organic Argan oil
  • Plant-based products – many of the materials used are plant-based, including organic cotton and seagrass, etc.
  • Recyclable – packaging materials are kept to a minimum and recyclable packaging is used wherever possible
  • Sustainable – Harfi work closely with suppliers to ensure that all products are created with sustainable materials
The Zara clutch bag is a Harfi product which you can buy on GoEthical

The Zara clutch bag is a Harfi product which you can buy on GoEthical

Badge Criteria for Harfi

The following badge criteria all apply to Harfi:

  • Artisan
  • Biodegradable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Natural
  • Organic
  • Plant-based
  • Recycled and
  • Sustainable

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