Who are Seedball?

Seedball is a not for profit company and is the brainchild of Emily Lambert & Ana Attlee. Founded in 2010, the company was set-up with the vision of increasing the abundance of British wildflowers and in turn the wildlife that depends on them for survival. This particularly included pollinators for which there has been a sharp decline in the past 50 years.

What is a Seedball?

You may ask – “What is a Seedball?” “It is a mini-ecosystem, protecting your seeds from birds, ants and slugs and giving them nutrition as they germinate and grow.”

Product range

Seedball has the following product ranges:

  • Bulk bags – buy seedballs in bulk of 300 or 500 seedballs
  • Gifts – a range of gifts including gift boxes, hand cream, wraps and gift cards
  • Grab bags – buy bags of 100 seedballs, which are available in 8 varieties
  • Kitchen – seed kits for the kitchen including herbs, salads and making herbal tea
  • Wedding and party favours – matchboxes and personalised wedding favours
  • Wildflower tins – a collection of 15+ tins with different varieties of wildflower seeds. These are available to buy individually and also in groups

Why are Seedball products ethical?

Here is some supporting information about why Seedball products are ethical:

  • Environmentally friendly – Seedball products give back to the environment, re-establishing wild flora which in turn assists other parts of the eco-system
  • Made in Britain – the range of products are all made in North London
  • Natural products – Seedball products are seeds so are entirely natural
  • Plant-based – the range of products are entirely plant-based and stimulate the growth of new wild plants
  • Third-party certified – Seedball is accredited by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) as a pollinator, the National History Museum and has also won numerous awards

Badge Criteria Icons for Seedball

The following badge criteria all apply to Seedball:

  • Biodegradable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made in Britain
  • Natural
  • Organic
  • Plant based
  • Sustainable
  • Third Party Certified
  • Vegan

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