When it comes to finding the ideal Christmas gift, you may be looking for something “original” or “useful,” but what about something “eco-friendly”? Let’s face it: we’ve all been the recipient of a present that was promptly discarded after a few weeks.

Instead of contributing to all of the unnecessary waste that occurs during the most wonderful time of the year, consider being kinder to the environment this holiday season by purchasing eco-friendly gifts for parents, family, and your friends — not only will they appreciate it, but so will the environment!

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Her

Sintra Naturals Body & Face Exfoliating Cubes

These body and face exfoliating cubes by Sintra Naturals are a zero waste version of their traditional scrubs. They are easy to use because you don’t have to scoop out the scrub with your hands and risk contaminating the entire pot…you simply take 1 or 2 cubes into the bath and start rubbing onto the skin and exfoliating at your leisure.

Sintra Naturals’ products are handmade to perfection, using ingredients sourced from high-quality suppliers; the formulas are simple without unnecessary irritants. 

Shoreline Rose Gold Reusable Safety Razor

Safety razor, soap, blades, travel bag, and present box are all included in this complete plastic-free shaving kit. Choose your favourite colour and have it delivered to your door with no waste and no worry. For a cleaner earth, try the cleanest shave. Razors are ideal for all skin types.

Shoreline Shaving is a group of friends and family who have come together with one simple purpose in mind: to prevent further unneeded plastic from entering our seas and foods. They’re going to try our hardest to revolutionise the way people buy shaving products, inspired by their love of travel and the ocean.

Nereus London Conscious Gift Set

The Conscious gift set is a perfect eco-friendly present for those who appreciate the finer things in life, all while caring about the environment. This award-winning shampoo, body wash, and hand gel softens your skin and makes your hair shine. Each bottle is packed with revitalising and rejuvenating organic essential oils that have been responsibly handpicked from around the world.

Nereus London is a multi-award-winning, high-end hair and body care line that prioritises sustainability. All of their products are made with only natural active ingredients and are packaged in entirely recyclable, plastic-free packaging.

Purple Bloom Seeds Grow Your Own Herbal Tea Kit

For your herbal tea adventure, each kit includes four of the best and most nutritious herbs, as well as recipe ideas to get you started. All you’ll need to get started growing these magnificent herbs is a greenhouse, conservatory, or a sunny windowsill. Soon, you’ll be sipping on a peaceful, delicious, and calming cup of homegrown tea!

Purple Bloom believes that producing your own food is not only a more delicious and colourful way to eat but also a wonderful way to relax and teach children about nature. Great for the mind, soul, and stomach! Grow your own and try it out. Like us, you could become a little obsessed!

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Him

Pentire Seaward & Æcorn Bundle

This non-alcoholic plant-based spirit is ideal for a healthy and delicious cocktail. Many zero-alcohol beverages are sickeningly sugary, which is why this new Cornish spirit is a breath of fresh air… it’s a mature, savoury affair with fragrant herbaceousness and salty undertones that go nicely with tonic water.

Pentire is a tribute to the rich plant life that thrives on the nearby headland. A combination of favourable climate, soil pH, and atmospheric moisture allows key botanicals to thrive. They’ve created non-alcoholic spirits that capture these flavours through meticulous distillation, thanks to research and experimentation with local botanists, distillers, and brewers.

Discover Blue Plastic-Free Travel Toiletries 

Give a gift that benefits both you and the environment. Each Christmas, tonnes of rubbish is produced, which ends up in our ocean, but you can still enjoy all of the fun and festivities without the waste.

The Christmas Gift Box includes a selection of plastic-free washroom products with festive scents from fantastic ethical UK manufacturers. All of the products are safe for vegans and provide warmth and comfort on cold winter days.

Seeing plastic products wash into the water every day, contaminating the ocean and killing marine life, demonstrates the need to reform and reassess our consumer decisions. Discover Blue’s Bathroom Boxes and Subscription Service provide easy-to-use ocean-friendly options.

Mr Masey’s Traditional Shaving Kit

Mr Masey’s Shavette Kit includes our fantastic all-stainless steel shavette razor, travel pouch, 8 blades, and a shavette stand. A bottle of their handcrafted lime and cedarwood shaving oil is also included.

Alternatively, opt for their Traditional Kit, which includes a traditional double edge razor, travel pouch, and stand, as well as a pack of double edge blades and a bar of their handmade shaving soap.

Mr Masey is a firm believer that testing items on animals or exploiting animals in the production of such products is fundamentally unethical. With this in mind, each product is cruelty-free and vegan. Carnauba is used instead of beeswax because beeswax is for bees, and they are already having a hard time without us taking things away from them. The pine resin and wax are imported further abroad, but Brighton’s oil components, glassware, and tins are all acquired locally. They utilise the best and toughest shipping cartons to get your item to you, so packaging is reduced to a minimum.

Sole Cup Bottle

SoleCup bottles are composed of high-quality stainless steel and are BPA-free. This preserves the freshness of your beverage without altering its flavour.

Your drink will stay hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours, thanks to our double-walled construction. SoleCup bottles have watertight screw-top lids that prevent leaks and spills, and its vacuum insulation keeps condensation at bay. As a result, you won’t have to worry about putting your bottle in your bag!

SoleCup’s objective is to make drinking more environmentally friendly without sacrificing taste.

They wish to promote the usage of reusable products and reduce the amount of waste generated by single-use items. They promote a reduce, reuse, and recycle mindset, and these values are reflected in the products they’ve introduced to the line. In addition, they’ve made sure that all of their items and packaging are recyclable or biodegradable.

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids

Gooseberry Pink Zebra Organic Cotton Toy

This beautiful, huge zebra toy is guaranteed to become a favourite. It’s constructed of a lovely, organic cotton knit fabric. Because of its neutral black and white colours and tactile feel, it’s ideal for boosting sensory development. A lovely present for newborns, kids, and zebra fans!

Gooseberry Pink has worked with a range of ethical suppliers to provide you with a fantastic assortment of ethical toys. Organic cotton fabric supplied responsibly. Knitted toys that are tactile are ideal for sensory development—designed to endure the most energetic toddler and baby play. No bead eyes or little bits, so it’s suitable from birth.

Tommy & Lottie Panda Baby Set

Unisex baby gift set with a panda baby grow and matching panda bib set, perfect for a new baby. A footless romper made of organic cotton is included, and a reversible bib with a cheerful panda on one side and plain black on the other—Popper closure.

Screen printed using water-based, vegan-certified inks and created ethically from sustainable organic cotton. Recyclable tissue and panda stickers were used to wrap the package. You’ll also get a free panda postcard to write your own personal greeting on.

Tommy and Lottie is a unisex, ethical, and ecological firm that specialises in well-made, organic cotton basics such as t-shirts and sweatshirts and a babywear collection, recycled plastic backpacks, and wildlife-themed wall prints. The clothing is made entirely of sustainably sourced, organic, and OEKO-TEX cottons, and the backpacks are made entirely of recycled materials such as plastic bottles. All of their products are of outstanding quality, endure a long time, and wash well, making them easy to reuse and pass down, reducing waste.

Pursuit of Adventure Hobby Horse

Adventures in Search of Hobby Horse is perfect for riding about the house, in the garden, or in your wonderful world. An excellent addition to any castle or for a young explorer.

All of their toy designs are enjoyable, attractive, and environmentally responsible. Sharp edges, microscopic bolts, and finicky screws are becoming obsolete. There will be no more misplaced pieces or spoiled fun! Pursuit of Adventure goods will look great in any house or garden.

All of their products are made of 12mm birch plywood and chalkboard material, which is both durable and biodegradable. Despite being weather-resistant, placing your playhouse undercover will help it last longer. The materials and products are non-toxic and renewable. Their playhouses are all handcrafted with love, care, and dedication.

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