We have seen an increasingly growing trend towards people ditching plastics and making their beauty and makeup regimes zero waste. From clogging up our waterways to endangering marine animals, single-use plastics are an unnecessary evil, especially when so many unique eco-beauty brands exist.

It’s Plastic Free Beauty Day on the 17th of June 2021, this day was created to encourage customers and brands to reconsider their use of plastic. To celebrate, today we’re highlighting some of our favourite zero waste beauty and makeup brands that are pushing the green beauty movement. 

These independent brands are making waves in an industry that is usually such a blight on the environment. Read on to find six eco-friendly beauty brands for great skin! 

All Earth Mineral Cosmetics

All Earth Mineral Cosmetics began when co-founder Julie Wieczorek became a make-up artist in 2002. As an earth and animal lover, Julie believes there is no need to use skin harming chemicals when we can have all the beautiful natural ingredients and colours that our Earth has to offer. 

The welfare of animals and the environment has always been Julie’s priority, and she was frustrated that she couldn’t find these types of products for her own kit. So, while on maternity leave, Julie decided to look into creating her own range of products.

Great skin and make-up go hand-in-hand; Earth Mineral’s range of cosmetic products, for a wide array of skin colours, is the perfect choice for those looking to finesse their beauty regime. From their mineral foundations, contour powders, and bronzers to concealers, highlighters, and blushes, you’ll find everything you need for a full face of eco make-up. 

This brand also has a ‘pots for life’ initiative, working with a local Cornish company, they take the reclaimed fishing nets and reconstitute this waste product into a new usable form! These robust and durable ‘keep forever’ pots work with their 100% biodegradable and recyclable refills and shots making them great for the environment and for saving you money. 

Funky Soap

Funky Soap always uses 100% natural ingredients. They use pure oils and butter, with the cold or hot process method to create their products, containing fresh and healthy ingredients. Saying no to SLS, Parabens and harmful preservatives, Funky Soap does not test on animals, nor purchase ingredients from companies that do.

With an incredible array of natural body soaps, bath bombs, coffee scrubs, moisturisers, and lip balms, you’ll find everything you need for an eco-beauty regime at Funky Soaps. They also stock a collection of hair and skincare products. We love their shampoo bars, 3-in-1 cleanser, toner and makeup remover, as well as their face masks. 

Funky Soap also has a whole range dedicated to sensitive skin -for dry skin and eczema skin conditions – a blessing for those who struggle with conventional bath bombs, bath salts, bar soaps, and moisturisers. 

Milly & Sissy

Water represents more than 80% of the weight in the majority of bathroom products; this is a massive weight for deliveries and transportation. So instead, Milly & Sissy products contain no water giving a massive 94% reduction in transport carbon emissions! 

Once you have purchased a bottle, you need to simply add their recyclable sachet into 400ml of tap water, shake it together, and you’re ready to go!

You can grab all the liquid bathroom products you need at Milly & Sissy; they stock hand and body washes, shower creams, and shampoos, all available in delicious scents. 

Their delicately formulated and fragranced products are made from 99% natural ingredients, with no animal-derived ingredients; they are also cruelty-free and suitable for vegans. 

Love The Planet

Love The Planet is an award-winning brand bringing you a beautiful collection of plastic-free makeup. After reaching the finals of the British Female Inventor of the Year Awards in 2002, Laura Nicholson decided to develop the idea further and launch Love The Planet. 

This zero-waste mineral makeup collection includes a range of beautiful makeup, free from palm oil and parabens and NEVER tested on animals – their products are all vegan and completely cruelty-free. 

Shopping with Love The Planet is one way to start doing your bit in cutting down on plastic packaging. All their orders are sent out in paper envelopes, with products ready to be decanted into an existing container owned by the customer.

Discover an extensive range of mineral foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, and blushers, as well as setting powders, makeup brushes and cleaning pads at Love The Planet. 

Purplé Marblé

Purplé Marblé is a skin-loving and luxurious cosmetics maker. Made with a clean, minimalist aesthetic and formulated with natural, high quality, and locally sourced ingredients, everything that comes out of their studio is handmade with love and passion. ​

Their skincare products are 100% natural and perfect for all skin types. Made with botanical ingredients, these products combine the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of natural ingredients. Using the oil-absorbing and detoxifying properties of pure infused oils and hydrosols, which help to gently cleanse, brighten, balance skin tone, and improve circulation, this combination of ingredients leaves the skin healthy & glowing.

All products are handmade, vegan, cruelty-free, palm-free, and contain  NO harsh chemicals. In addition, they use sustainable packaging, recyclable and eco-friendly materials to make sure that their beauty does not affect the environment.

With a mix of luxury and everyday products, you will be able to create a whole skincare regime at Purplé Marblé. We love their facial clay mask gift set, as well as their two-step facial care set. 

Sintra Naturals

The skin is the largest living breathing organ of our body; Sintra Natural’s simple policy is: if an ingredient is not deemed for human consumption, it should not be in our skincare routine. That’s why they don’t use synthetic fragrances or additives in any of their soaps or creams.

All their packaging is plastic free and either recyclable or biodegradable. The soaps are packed in kraft paper, avoiding fancy wrapping to keep the cost down and offer the customer a great value product. Their body butter is packed in amber glass jars, which are 100% recyclable; these jars are chosen to preserve the body butter naturally without having to add anything preservative.

From soaps and body butters to deodorants and hair serums, Sintra Naturals are proud to offer a range of products that will never fail in soothing and nourishing your tired skin!

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