Pinterest is one of the most popular, yet one of least spoken about social media platforms. In essence it is an entirely visual, digital pinboard used by people to find inspiration for everything from organic recipes, plastic-free homes, eco lifestyle, organic products and more. 

People create boards for topics they are passionate about and feed their aspirations. Pinterest is a hugely popular social platform with over 317 Million active monthly users. What’s more 61% of Pinners in the UK have gone on to make a purchase as a result of seeing branded content meaning there is great opportunity for your business. As with any new platform it can be a little daunting, considering where to begin. But worry not. Here are seven tips from us on how you can make the most of this platform.

Sign Up For A Pinterest Business Profile

An obvious, but often overlooked step. Signing up to a business profile unlocks a huge amount of potential for your business. One benefit includes the discovery of new trends. Pinterest is a hugely popular platform for people to share designs, products, trends and ideas they love. It also groups together categories of content based on search queries. If you search for things that pertain to your business then you’ll discover targeted categories for your business. Other benefits of a business profile include

  1. Increased brand visibility – The ability to include banner imagery, views of your pins and the ability to link to your website.
  2. Access to rich pins to add more information about your products
  3. Access to analytics to view Impressions, engagements clicks and more
  4. The ability to run paid advertising campaigns

Be Creative

Pinterest is a visual platform. People log in and look through the images that are not only linked to their interests but are nice to look at. Over 80% of people who use Pinterest do so on their mobile phone. With this in mind when using pinterest for business, it is important to ensure your images are optimised for this audience. Aim for an image ration of 2:3 (width : height) to avoid any unwanted image crops. Other things you can consider include

  • Ensuring your content quality is high – No one wants a pixelated image
  • Incorporate your brand logo. People can re-pin the content that they like so make sure they know who made it
  • Adding text overlay to help tell the story
  • Where possible use lifestyle shots. Products in situ help bring them to life.

Using Video for Pinterest

Explore Video

Even though pinterest is an “image” based platform they don’t have to be static images. Video is a highly persuasive medium. Research shows that it drives engagement and those that do are more likely to convert. It allows you to tell a more engaging, interesting and informative story in a way that people will share. 

A lot of videos are watched without sound so remember to include subtitles or transcribed text in the video if you include voice over elements so that people don’t miss out on any important information.

Consider Your SEO

Even though Pinterest is a social network, it can also be thought of as a large image search engine. When using pinterest for business it is important to keep this in mind. Consider how your pins will be found by your potential new customers, what words would they use to search for. Explore your competition to see the words they use for similar products or services.

Once you have an idea of the words and phrases that can be used to find your products,  include these in your titles and descriptions. As with instagram you can also utilise hashtags to make finding your products or service even easier. 

Planning your Pinterest Business Calendar

Plan, Plan, Plan

Regular,consistent posting your content is better than bulk uploading your content when it comes to using pinterest for business. Taking the time to plan the content you are going to post ensures that you are covering all of the areas you want too. This could be celebrating days of the year for example. Once you have a plan in place, ensure you schedule accordingly so you don’t miss an opportunity and are engaging with your audience at the best time of day (or night)

Use Boards To Separate Your Content

Linking with the above point it is important to separate your content out into relevant sections – on pinterest these are referred to as boards. Boards allow you to take your content and organise it based on interest allowing your fans to follow the boards they are interested in the most. When using pinterest for business, you could think of boards like separate pages on a website.

If for example your business creates eco clothing, shoes, T-shirts and dresses could be on separate boards for people with different interests to follow

Don’t Just Sell

While using pinterest for business provides great opportunities to sell your products and promote your brand, you should also consider different types of content as well. Pinners also come to the platform to discover inspiration on the things they love. 85% of those who use Pinterest say they come to the Platform to research and find out new things. Consider posting how-to Pins, inspiration boards or fun facts. By diversifying your content in this way you’ll provide your audience with fun and valuable information that will engage with your audience.

Enjoy The Experience

Hopefully this short guide has inspired you to explore the world of Pinterest for business, and highlighted some of the opportunities it can provide for your business.

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