If you love everything planet earth provides then you are bound to be a lover of plant based products. Explore what’s available on GoEthical, from a wide range of eco-friendly and vegan-friendly sellers including plant based beauty products. Read on learn more about these products.

What are plant based products?

These are made from fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and vegetables. A generally accepted industry yardstick is that at least 90% of the product needs to be of plant origin.

Such products meet many of the ethical criteria GoEthical buyers look for including:

  • Biodegradable – plants are naturally biodegradable and ideal for composting
  • Cruelty free – as no animals are harmed in the development of these products, they are cruelty free
  • Natural Label – most are natural label (although not all). These are products without artificial ingredients and additives
  • Vegan – plants are a natural part of a vegan lifestyle. Veganism is wider than “plant based” and is a lifestyle choice

Additionally, products from plants are very frequently organic (but this depends on the method of agriculture used).

Examples of related products

Here are just some examples of related products, these are just a few, there are other types of products too:

  • Artwork – a range of art including T-shirts, cards, paintings, use of plant dyes, prints, etc.
  • Crafts and collectables – crafts and collectables can be made from plant originating materials. Many of these will be handmade in Britain by Artisans
  • Drink – non-alcoholic drinks, milk substitutes (e.g. hemp), smoothies and shakes, teas, etc.
  • Fashion – all types of clothing (some of which may be Fairtrade and/or Fair Wear) can be made from a wide-variety of plant materials including:
    • bamboo, banana stem, cork, cotton, hemp, linen (from flax plant), silk, tencel (wood pulp), etc.
  • Health and beauty – bath and shower gels, deodorants, lip gloss, perfumes, skincare products, etc.

Accreditations to look for

If you are looking for accreditations the following are widely accepted, look for these when buying related products:

GoEthical plant based badge

Obtaining formal accreditations from recognised bodies can be cost-prohibitive. GoEthical recognises this can be a problem for smaller organisations and Artisan producers in particular. For all GoEthical Pro Sellers, the badge is available to all who meet the criteria outlined below:

As taken from GoEthical’s badge guide, the description for this badge is:

The seller confirms that the product does not contain any meat or chemical derivatives. That the product is plant based consisting of ingredients derived only from plants, including vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits. Seller agrees to clearly list ingredients in full and helpful to customers.

Examples of related product sellers on GoEthical

Why not search for these sellers of products which use plants on GoEthical:

  • Diazo – all Diazo’s products originate from plants including many beauty products and a bamboo hairbrush
  • Elmkind – their cleaning products range are made from natural plant-based ingredients
  • Leiho – they make a range of socks made from bamboo
  • Nom Nom – their range originates from plants and includes eco-friendly products for babies and pregnant ladies. Nom Nom is also a Certified Organic brand (Soil Association)
  • Raw Gorilla – the range of raw nutritional “powerhouse” snacks is entirely plant-based
  • Seedball – their product range is plant-centric and also stimulates customers to grow wild plants from seeds
  • Waves – rubber for Waves flip flop range is harvested directly from managed rubber trees

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Image Credit: Plant Based Foods

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