The Top 10 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products For Your Home

In this guide we’ll cover the top 10 eco- friendly cleaning products for your home that have no harsh chemicals that will make your nose sting, or your dog sneeze. We’re well into spring, so if you haven’t done you spring clean now’s the time!

But before we get started on our review, it’s important to know the why behind using eco-friendly cleaning products. Which is why in this guide we’ll also be covering:

  • Why eco-friendly cleaning products?
  • Do eco friendly cleaning products work?
  • Our guide to Top 10 Eco-Friendly cleaning products


Why use eco friendly cleaning products?

1. No nasty chemicals in your home

If you’re a family or individual with pets or children, this reason alone is a good one to make that change. There’s a reason why some cleaning products are just so good, melting away at that grease or limescale. What’s not to love? Well, the reality is that ease of cleaning comes at a cost to you and your families health with the inhaling of toxic chemicals such as, chlorine, ammonia, phthalates and many more. Ever heard the saying nothing in life comes free? Unfortunately this is the case for most cleaning products, if it can do that to tough grease then imagine what it’s doing to your insides – so switch to one of our top 10 solutions and work that tiny bit harder on that limescale or grease, your health will be thankful.

2. On a mission for a cleaner clean

Did you know Ecover use 100% of post-consumer recycled plastic for their bottles? All made in a certified zero waste factory. Many cleaning brands are similar, putting their purpose at the heart of their business and not just in what they sell, it’s who they are. Choosing to clean green has impacts well beyond what you see in your home.

3. Cost efficient

With many leading suppliers entering the market for green cleaning solutions, the competition has become high. This means that green cleaning products and all their mighty benefits are competitively priced and even cheaper than leading brands. Many eco cleaning products are also multi-functional, meaning you won’t have to buy different products for each section of cleaning that you tend to do with chemical-laden counterparts.


Do eco friendly cleaning products work?

If your expecting them to work exactly as chemical products then you might be slightly mistaken, of course chemical products will melt away that limescale more effectively then eco cleaning products. But according to the FDA there’s little evidence to suggest that anti-bacterial soap products are more effective than natural soaps. Try out our ecover limescale remover compared to your existing one and see what you think! They are more or less the same, but you might need a couple more scrubs on the ecover, although the benefits seem to outweigh the negatives.


Our top 10 eco cleaning products

1. Clean Living Limescale Remover Starter Pack

A safe alternative to harsh, corrosive limescale removers. This innovate product is an organic salt solution, which reacts with limescale on contact, turning it into liquid for effortless and safe removal. A safe limescale remover which keeps surfaces clean and clear of scale, without the use of harsh acids. This highly effective product will completely remove limescale on a variety of surfaces including taps, tiles, sinks, shower screens, kettles and pipework without causing damage or eating into surfaces and sealants. Based on low pH organic salt solution, this product reacts with limescale on contact turning it into liquid form for instant and safe removal. Benefits and differences against supermarket brands: – Reduces household waste – 100% biodegradable – Sodium Hydroxide free – Chlorine free – Phosphate free – Solvent free – Ammonia free

What’s more to love, it’s refillable! You can buy refillable sachets here

Clean living limescale remover


2. Ecover fast action toilet cleaner

This fast-action toilet cleaner unleashes the power of plant-based, biodegradable ingredients to remove limescale. No eye-watering smells that get up your nose. Just naturally inspired fresh fragrances and a sparkling clean loo.

  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS – With plant-based, biodegradable ingredients. – Suitable for septic tanks. – Vegan friendly.
  • CLEAN BOTTLE – Bottle (excl. cap) made with at least 50% post-consumer recycled plastic. Widely recyclable.
  • CLEAN FACTORY – Made in a certified Zero Waste factory.

Buy this product here

Ecover Fast Action Toilet Cleaner


3. The complete cleaning kit by Clean Living

The answer to all your cleaning needs! This comprehensive kit provides you with everything needed to clean with conscience. It contains our full range of award winning cleaning products that are free from harmful toxins and protect your surfaces long after you’ve cleaned them. Our handy and hardy carry caddy is ideal for storing your products away neatly. Also, it makes cleaning a doddle, enabling you to carry your products from room to room as you freshen it up. The result is a deeply clean and beautifully fragranced home. It’s a must for every household!

Buy this product here

Clean living complete cleaning kit


4. Full Set Bundle of cleaning products and 1L products

Save £12.00 when you buy all four 500ml Cleaning Products with four 1L Refill Pouches. Includes; 500ml Dish Wash and 1L refill, 500ml Multi Surface Cleaner and 1L refill, 500ml Bathroom Cleaner and 1L refill, 500ml Floor Cleaner and 1L refill. Planet friendly, natural cleaners in glass amber bottles made to be refilled. These products are enriched with essential oils and natural botanicals known for their anti bacterial properties and uplifting scent. Perfect for an eco clean.

Buy this product here

Madekind cleaning bundle


5. Elm Kind Spray Bundle

Each elmkind cleaner in this bundle is designed specifically to tackle the dirt, oil and grime you find in the different areas of your home. With each cleaner scented with a different essential oil it will keep each room feeling clean and smelling fresh….and for a juicy price whats not to like! If you’re wanting to do an eco clean check out this bundle.

Elmkind cleaning bundle


6. Bathroom cleaner starter pack

This gentle formula packs a serious punch, cutting through grease, soap residues, grime and unpleasant odour, leaving your bathroom surfaces sparkling clean. The Clean Living Bathroom Cleaner is a complex live biological formulation designed to offer immediate, safe and effective cleaning. Developed using probiotic technology this formulation works on all hard bathroom surfaces removing build-up, eliminating unpleasant odour and keeping surfaces clean and hygienic for longer. Our biological bathroom cleaner is free from toxic ingredients and leaves no harmful residues, so you can be assured the only thing left behind is a clean and healthy environment for you to enjoy.

Buy this product here

Clean living bathroom cleaner


7. Ecover surface cleaner window and glass

This new GREEN TEA & GRAPEFRUIT Window & Glass cleaner unleashes the power of plant-based, biodegradable ingredients to leave a shiny finish. Reformulated and refreshed with a new fragrance that’s smell-worthy of your reappraisal. Moreover, these new bottles are made with less plastic and smaller labels that peel off easier during the recycling process.

  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS – With plant-based, biodegradable ingredients. – Suitable for septic tanks. – Vegan friendly.
  • CLEAN BOTTLE – Bottle (excl. cap) made with at least 50% post-consumer recycled plastic. Widely recyclable.
  • CLEAN FACTORY – Made in a certified Zero Waste factory.

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Ecover glass cleaner

8. Clean living drain maintainer

A unique and concentrated blend of live cultures, scientifically developed to promote the rapid breakdown and digestion of organic waste. A natural blend of non-toxic biological cleaning agents. Clean Living Drain Maintainer promotes the rapid break down of waste to help keep drain lines free flowing and odour free. This drain maintainer possesses the unique ability to degrade and convert a wide range of fats and grease to carbon dioxide and water.

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Clean Living Drain Maintainer


9. Zesty sweet orange bundle

If you love smell of freshly cut oranges, you won’t want to miss this fruity, super saving deal! This bundle comes with a kitchen cleaner and washing up liquid.  Elmkind Sweet Orange Washing Up Liquid tackles the greasiest of dishes leaving them sparkling clean, whilst also being kind to your hands and sensual to the nose. Our ready to use Sweet Orange Washing Up Liquid is so concentrated you only need to add a small splash to your washing up bowl to release the plant power and let the bubbles do their work.

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ElmKind zesty orange bundle

10. Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser starter pack

Suitable for use on all washable kitchen surfaces, the Clean Living Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser breaks down grease, oil and fatty residues for effortless removal. A heavy-duty yet gentle degreaser that is 100% natural and super effective. It effortlessly removes grease, oil and fatty residues from kitchen surfaces, leaving no nasty residues behind. So you can prepare your meals safe in the knowledge that your worktops are clean and toxin free.

Buy this product here

Clean Living Kitchen Cleaner And Degreaser


We hope this guide helps you find eco-friendly cleaning products to get your started on your journey, and gives you some insight to the benefits of trying eco cleaning products.

If you’d like to browse our full eco cleaning selection check out our website for more.