GoEthical is a great place to buy all sorts of products from brands big and small and if you have not yet tried it out, now is the ideal time to dive in!

To give you a nudge in the right direction, here are just 5 big benefits of shopping for ethical products on GoEthical, an app that is totally attuned to your sustainable consumer goals.

1) There are so many categories to choose between

GoEthical is an all-encompassing marketplace that plays host to products of many different types.

Some of the categories you can browse include vegan goods, organic foods, fair wear fashion items, cruelty free products, artisanal products and tons more besides.

2) The interface is easy to use

Finding products is a breeze with GoEthical, whether you decide to search for something specific or simply cast your eyes over the trending feed.

It is also easy to place an order and review past purchases within your My Orders screen.

3) Contacting sellers for more info is empowering

GoEthical – The Ethical Life Marketplace App is built around the idea that buyers and sellers should be able to get in touch with one another with ease. This is great if you have a question you want to ask about a product before you commit to a purchase, or if you have any need for post-sales support.

There is also an excellent community of users who you can chat with when using the app, so it really is a social, supportive experience for all involved. In addition users can see comments as well as user reviews and ratings.

4) Payment is secure

While the process of picking a product and going through the checkout with GoEthical is suitably streamlined, you can also be confident that your private information and payment card details will be kept safe at all times.

This is thanks to the fact that GoEthical makes use of well-known payment platform Stripe to handle transactions. This makes it fully PCI-DSS-compliant, allowing you to shop with confidence every time.

Secure payment processing with GoEthical through the Stripe payment gateway

Secure payment processing with GoEthical through the Stripe payment gateway

5) The app keeps you up to date

You never need to miss out on a message or overlook an order update thanks to the built-in push notification system that is integrated with GoEthical.

This is particularly useful if you are making use of the aforementioned social features, as you can get alerts when messages are sent when you get a new follower and when any of your questions posed to sellers receive a ‘like’ from another user. All of this makes the experience of using the app more engaging and rewarding, as well as convenient.

Call or email for advice & guidance

If you want to know more about what makes GoEthical so great, either visit our contact page or dial 020 8337 2175 to speak with a member of the team and all of your questions can be answered swiftly.

The GoEthical app can be downloaded via the following links:


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