The choices we make at the checkout can have a real impact on the rest of the world, which is why so many people are choosing to buy products which are cruelty free and thus do not do any harm to humans or animals during the manufacturing process.

If you want to shop with a conscience and buy as many cruelty free products as possible, you may be struggling to find everything you need at your nearest bricks and mortar stores. So where is the best place to buy cruelty free products? GoEthical – The Ethical Life Marketplace App.

Cruelty free, ethical products for everyone

GoEthical is a dedicated app for products made and sold by brands that adhere to the principles of the cruelty free movement.

You can browse the app to find a huge range of different products that fall into this category. Most prominent of all are the vegan products from brands of all sizes. This includes food which has been made without the use of any animal-derived ingredients, in addition to organic goods that are produced and sold without any harmful chemical pesticides.

Also covered by the cruelty free label are fair wear fashion items, which come from manufacturers that treat workers at every part and level of the production and supply chain fairly, ensuring that fair wages are paid and working conditions are good.

In essence, whatever kind of cruelty free product you are hoping to buy, you will be able to find it on GoEthical once you install the app and sign up to use it. Download the app via these links:

All Earth Mineral Cosmetics is one example of a cruelty free brand available on GoEthical

All Earth Mineral Cosmetics is one example of a cruelty free brand available on GoEthical

Great features for everyone

The reasons to use GoEthical to buy cruelty free products are not just related to the sheer amount of choice available, although this is obviously a compelling selling point for consumers who are disappointed with the selection on offer at their local outlets. There are also a range of other benefits to take into account.

One major benefit of GoEthical – The Ethical Life Marketplace App is that it is designed and acts as a community where you can discover great new products and brands that you might not know about otherwise. You can also engage with sellers in direct chats, or ask questions of other users in the forums, to flesh out your experience.

Another benefit of GoEthical is that it makes use of the secure Stripe payment platform to protect buyers and sellers whenever transactions are carried out. At a time when online fraud is on the rise, it is good to make use of apps like this which are purposefully made to ensure that every customer is well protected whenever they enter their payment card details.

How to contact the GoEthical team

Speaking with a representative of GoEthical is easy to do when you call 020 8337 2175. You can also visit the contact page to find out how to email the team and ask any questions you might have about buying cruelty free products online.

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