GoEthical is an ethical marketplace app, where like-minded buyers and sellers with clear ethical values transact for a wide range of goods and services. We are particularly proud of the artisan products available through GoEthical, which deliver high-quality beautiful items made from eco-friendly materials.

Our wonderful selection of artisan products includes an integrated gift shop. Search for exclusive, unique and sometimes one-off handmade treasures that will add charm and character in any home. Find handmade in-house, unique products, which are made in the UK by talented craftsmen in their field often using age-old traditional techniques.

What is an Artisan?

The origin of the word “Artisan” is the Italian word “Artigiano”, originating from c1530 the word meant “a person trained in arts and crafts”.

Modern-day Artisans are masters in their trade. They are true craftsmen, either working individually or for an Artisan products company. Typically, Artisans specialise in producing distinctive products, in limited quantities most usually by hand or through the use of traditional techniques.

Artisan products

The GoEthical ethical marketplace has a wide selection of Artisan products. Although buyers are advised to check at the time of purchase, most artisan products will comply with our eco-friendly, organic, pesticide-free and sustainable ethical values. Here we list some of our product ranges, which Artisans operate within:

  • Artwork – choose from a range of unique artisan artwork for your home, office, etc. including drawings, paintings, photographs, pictures, posted, etc.
  • Baby and parenting – including bedding, furniture, gifts and keepsakes, toys, etc.
  • Books and magazines – support budding Authors and poets through buying artisan books, magazines and poetry
  • Crafts – a range of crafts and collectables including decorations, signs and many other items etc. handmade from materials such as ceramics, metals and wood
  • Fashion – many fashion items to choose from including belts, clothing, scarves as well as accessories
  • Food and beverages – various including vegan treats and specialities, candy, condiments, baked goods, chocolate, gift boxes, hampers, etc.) The majority of these will be palm oil free and natural label – although buyers can check each product’s accreditations at the time of purchase. Additionally, buyers can check for dairy-free and glucose-free too
  • Furniture – buy products such as cabinets, chairs, chest of drawers, desks, tables, wardrobes and much more, with some Artisans also offering antique restoration
  • Gifts – an incredible range of handmade gifts, which are itemised across other product categories listed here
  • Health and beauty – body butter, essential oils, facecloths, makeup, perfume, skincare, soap and much more
Choose from a range of health and beauty products at GoEthical

Choose from a range of health and beauty products at GoEthical

  • Home and garden – cushions, decorations, lamps and lights, sculptures, wall hangings and much more
  • Jewellery – a fine selection of handmade items including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings and watches, etc.
  • Pottery and glassware – including cocktail shakers, cups and mugs, glasses, kitchenware, ornaments, stained glass items and a lot more

Although many items are mentioned above, this section provides just a flavour. Look through our extensive selection to find other artisan products.

For further information about great reasons to buy artisan products, click our blog article here.

Second hand artisan products

Naturally, from time to time you may have bought an artisan product and want to sell it. GoEthical is the ideal place to sell second hand goods. Many of our sellers specialise in selling second hand products and also upcycling and recycling or artisan products.

Supporting “Made in Britain”

Through buying artisan products in the GoEthical app you will support our “Made in Britain” initiative. Support Artisans UK-wide as well as ones local to you when you buy products through the app.

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