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Apps you can sell items on like GoEthical are becoming increasingly popular and provide a perfect place for online ethical shopping. The retailers on the GoEthical app provide buyers with an extended choice when it comes to ethical goods. One of our categories is ethical artwork, which is available on our marketplace app.

Choose GoEthical to sell and buy a large range of eco-friendly, ethical, recycled (and upcycled) as well as sustainable artworks. GoEthical is particularly pleased to promote young British artists, as well as introduce users to Fair Trade indigenous artists from around the world.

GoEthical have created the ultimate platform to sell ethical products

Yes, if you are keen to buy your artwork from a platform that promotes local sustainable art, you have come to the right place. GoEthical retailers have a wide selection of art available on our ethical consumer app. Types of artwork provided by the Artisans on GoEthical include ethical handmade art, carvings, drawings,  jewellery, antiques, ornament, paintings, photography, pottery and sculptures, etc.

GoEthical endeavours to undertake checks on registered sellers to verify that items they sell via their own website or shop adhere to the standards of the GoEthical app. When buying through GoEthical, buyers are advised to complete their own seller checks by viewing their profile for eco-labels and GoEthical badges. Eco-friendly, Fair Trade and Made in Britain are often important accreditations for art buyers.

The GoEthical platform – connecting artists with eager buyers!

Through GoEthical, artists can directly connect with eager ethical art buyers. Use GoEthical to message, instantly chat and discuss art via our forums.

A large selection of artwork will be available through GoEthical, buyers can use the rich search functionality within the app to find the type of art they wish to buy. Through direct contact between artists and buyers, it’s possible to commission individual/unique artwork, which exactly meets your requirement!

Find eco-friendly handcrafted artworks on our sustainable shopping app

There is a growing demand for handcrafted artworks. This is an exciting area, full of beautiful works of art that fit in aesthetically into every home and office. They fit in well with our key priorities, which include promoting recyclable, upcycled and environmentally sustainable products.

These handcrafted crafts are ethically made, usually from organic and recyclable materials, buyers should check the individual product information, to view all the ethical values for each individual piece of artwork. If you sell ethically produced artworks or wish to buy some, our app is just right for you.

List your ethical art on GoEthical – our amazing marketplace app

Artists that follow ethical policies for their artistic practice will love our online ethical shopping

app. GoEthical welcome individual UK artists as well as dealers to register with us today. The registration process is simple and quick. So, wait no more. Start selling your ethical art on GoEthical by registering for our app.


Image Credit: Chris Murtagh

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