GoEthical is one of the few apps you can sell items on which has a specific category for biodegradable products. Many vendors that sell ethical products use the GoEthical application shop to offer their biodegradable goods to eco-conscious shoppers. So, what are the benefits of buying biodegradable items and what options are available on GoEthical?

Advantages of biodegradability

So much of modern consumer culture is built up around a “throwaway culture”. The idea that you can buy a product, complete with its packaging, use it for a set period and then throw it away without worrying about the consequences.

Unfortunately, this is an attitude which has led to numerous ecological issues around the world. Non-degradable materials used to ship and store items, as well as those found in the products themselves, create waste. Since this waste cannot be broken down quickly, it will sit in landfill sites for hundreds or maybe even thousands of years.

This has caused much outcry in recent years, with consumers now becoming more aware of the need to find platforms that sell sustainable products. A vital part of the sustainability of any item is its biodegradability.

The concept of biodegradable products is simple. Either the packaging used, or the entire product itself will be compostable once it is ready to be discarded. This means that in many cases it can either be composted at home or collected from the kerbside by councils if it is eligible for recycling in your area.

Biodegradable vs recyclable

On GoEthical, you will find both biodegradable and recyclable products, some of which will share both attributes. However, there is a difference between the two, since recyclability is not directly linked to biodegradability.

In some cases, it may be eco-friendlier to opt for a biodegradable item over a recyclable one. This is simply because the recycling process uses energy and resources, whereas biodegradability can be harnessed with no further need for carbon emissions.

That is not to say that recyclable products should be overlooked; quite the opposite. If you buy something which has biodegradable packaging and contains a product which can be recycled further down the line, it is a win-win situation.

Essentially it is important for consumers to take more care in the decisions they make, and with the GoEthical mobile app marketplace, it has never been easier to buy ethically and sustainably. You can even use the chat service and forums to get the low down on biodegradable products, so even if you are a total newcomer to this concept it will not take long to become an expert.

Do away with single-use plastic packaging by going biodegradable

Do away with single-use plastic packaging by going biodegradable

Finding products on the GoEthical vendor app

As part of the full-blown line up of ethical products, biodegradable items are easy to identify.

You can also single out many other types of products, often with overlapping advantages to the biodegradable range. This includes vegan, organic [Link to New 10) Organic Page], fair trade and cruelty free products of the highest quality.

Thinking about the product life cycle

This is perhaps the most compelling aspect of biodegradable products, yet one which is often overlooked by consumers. From the moment you buy something, you are putting a series of events into motion which will ultimately lead to its disposal. The greener you can make this life cycle, the clearer your conscience as a consumer.

Packaging is the first culprit in making product purchases a problem. Whether the packaging is non-degradable, or simply far too large and involved for the actual product in question, it creates waste and worry. If, on the other hand, it is biodegradable, you can compost it or even toss it in with general waste, safe in the knowledge that it will be broken down naturally in weeks, not centuries. An example of this are biodegradable plant pots (often bamboo), which can be composted once used, rather than their plastic equivalent’s which certainly can’t be.

Then there are products themselves. Single-use products, such as bamboo earbuds and other beauty-related items involved in cleansing and application, create mountains of waste if they are made from non-degradable materials. On the other hand, if they are biodegradable, their environmental impact will be neutralised after use.

You should also think about the life cycle of clothing in this context. Using the GoEthical organic app, you can find garments which are made of natural fibres that will be able to decompose if discarded in the future. The same cannot be said of some artificial materials (e.g. Polyester, Acrylic and Nylon), which are widely used in the fashion industry.

The time to take a stand and shop sustainably and responsibly is long overdue. GoEthical is the app to give you control throughout the product life cycle.

Embrace online ethical shopping with GoEthical

Start your ethical shopping journey and find biodegradable products of many different types by registering for GoEthical today. The GoEthical app is a gateway to a brave new world of sustainable consumerism that is both easy to use and packed with brilliant features that will benefit buyers and sellers alike.


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