Who are ethical booksellers?

There was a time when independent bookstores were “a dime a dozen” in London. You could see them on the Charing Cross Road as you walked towards Trafalgar Square. There were many on the Strand as well. Today they are few and far between. Book sales have now shifted to online sites. These sites pressurise publishers and independent authors for rock bottom prices. In return for these prices, they receive promotion on the online platforms. The GoEthical app delivers online ethical shopping, we are attempting to turn the tide back in favour of independent authors. GoEthical want book lovers to buy their hardcopies from independent sellers listed on the marketplace app.

But an online site is a marketplace app too

Yes, they are. But GoEthical retailers don’t squeeze authors and independent retailers for every penny. As a book reader, GoEthical encourages you to go indie. That way, more money finds its way to the actual authors. Low prices seem to be the only driving factor in the e-book market. A large online retailer app tempts you to take advantage of low prices. Support the publishing industry by buying through GoEthical. The GoEthical shop ethical app provides a unique platform for you to support the publishing industry.

Support charity booksellers via the GoEthical online shop

Another way for you to contribute via the ethical shopping app is to support charity bookstores. Buy your books and magazines from not-for-profit retailers on the app. You can choose the cause you want to support. This is a hugely ethical way to use your reading habit to support a good cause. The GoEthical ethical marketplace provides a great platform for charity resellers to connect with conscious consumers like you. This especially applies to buying second hand / preloved books, which are available often for a low price and are much better on your bookshelf than in a landfill.

Buy your magazines from the GoEthical eco-shopping app

Great, now let’s talk about magazines. GoEthical buyers can also find print medium ethical magazines. These publications connect you to the wider community of conscious consumers. These magazines help you find out about thought leadership within the eco-conscious community. From conscious clothing brands to green home products, there’s something for everyone.

Book and magazine collectables, first and limited editions

Also, applying to the collectables category, there is a wonderful opportunity through our sellers to buy first editions and limited editions of books and magazines. Why not search for titles you are interested in and see what’s available? If the special collectable book or magazine you are looking for is not available then through GoEthical instant messaging, chat or the discussion forum you can contact sellers and other members to try and secure that special publication.

Join GoEthical in planting trees with One Tree Planted

We realise that a side-effect of books and magazines is deforestation. Of course, as long as tree-felling for use in books and magazines is sustainable this is not an issue. We are therefore delighted to have partnered with One Tree Planted. We will donate 1% of our sales commission revenue across our partners for bees, seas and trees. One Tree Planted will plant one tree for every $ donated. Click this link (https://onetreeplanted.org/) to learn about the One Tree Planted environmental programme.

Join GoEthical now

By joining GoEthical, you are instantly connected to like-minded folks who think and act ethically. As a voracious reader, you can avail yourself of the best product selections in books and magazines. What’s more, you gain peace of mind to know that it’s supplied by an ethical retailer. Independent authors and retailers are awaiting a much-needed shot in the arm. By supporting them, you’ll make a worthwhile difference to the ethical publishing industry.



Image credit: Jim Linwood

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