How can cameras be rated ethically?

It’s difficult for many consumers to understand how cameras can have an ethical dimension. Here we discuss some of the ethical aspects of buying a camera. Hopefully, this will help you make sound decisions when choosing a camera.

Largely the ethics of camera buying depend on the environmental policies followed by camera manufacturers. Large camera manufacturers often subcontract the production of components to third world countries. The track record of manufacturers in these developing nations is all too often questionable. There are numerous issues from lack of workplace safety to infringement of rights. Workers are frequently overworked and underpaid. In addition to this, many such suppliers employ child labour, although they claim not to.  

Choosing the right camera manufacturer

From the above information, it’s clear that conscious consumers need to focus on ethical retailers. Rethinking the way, you buy a digital camera is important as an eco-shopper. GoEthical provide ethical credentials through badges and eco labels for all sellers. These as well as individual camera product information will give buyers the information, they need to make an informed buying decision.

Understanding the ecological policies of manufacturers

Several conflict minerals like gold and tungsten go into the manufacture of digital cameras. There are numerous issues with the minerals industry. In many cases, these minerals are mined in countries by companies that don’t behave sustainably. The rights of workers in these mines are often ignored. Pollution is another major environmental factor. Many mining companies do little to alleviate pollution. Ethical ratings of many products and services can be checked at

Buying and selling second hand cameras

Many people can now get by with a mobile phone for their photographic needs, but if you need a more substantial tool then a dedicated camera is a good idea. If it’s for environmental reasons, or your budget is limited, or it’s your first camera then maybe you might want to consider buying a second hand camera.

Pre-loved cameras will still in many cases be able to do everything a new camera would, but for a fraction of the price. Through buying second hand, the life of the camera is extended, which is great for the environment too, it’s a contribution you can make to reducing electronic waste. Many of our sellers have specialisms in selling second hand items in cameras, so why not visit the cameras category today and see what’s available?

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As an ethical trade shop, sellers are listed who pay attention to eco-friendly and sustainability values in the retailer app. As consumers supporting the proliferation of a green economy, it is a duty to, support eco-brands. Join GoEthical today by registering on the GoEthical app. If you’re a camera manufacturer or retailer following ethical policies, let’s join forces. If you’re a consumer who believes in ethical shopping, the GoEthical ethical online shop is the best place for you. So, why wait? Register with GoEthical today.


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