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The GoEthical marketplace buy and sell mobile app is a ground-breaking initiative. It helps conscious consumers gain access to eco-friendly fashion retailers in an app. Today, the fashion industry is going through turmoil. Recent events have found global fashion brands guilty of employing underpaid labour. There are accusations of negligence towards health and safety that has cost lives.

The environmental damage caused by big fashion brands is huge, infact after the oil industry, the fashion industry is the second highest polluting industry worldwide. Now more than ever, it has become imperative for consumers to buy ethical clothing. Through buying organic clothing buyers lock CO2 into the ground and reduce harmful CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s important to know who makes the clothing you wear

In 2013, the Rana Plaza tragedy shook the entire fashion world. A little more than 1100 apparel industry workers died in the collapse of an eight-story commercial structure. The incident was a wake-up call for consumers across the world. People started asking questions about the way clothing was manufactured.

Now years down the line, fashion brands have emerged who manufacture ethically made clothing. Online ethical shopping for fashion is a key objective fulfilled by the GoEthical app, including vintage ranges. GoEthical is one of the best fashion shopping apps that verifies manufacturers and brands accreditations before listing their profile in the app.

How to buy ethical clothing

Numerous factors need to be considered when choosing ethical fashion:

  • Sustainable clothing:
    • Does the brand support fair wages and the welfare of its workers?
    • What actions have been taken by the company to support sustainable livelihoods?
    • What has the manufacturer done to raise awareness of sustainability issues?
    • Is the brand Fair Wear accredited?
  • Eco-friendly clothing:
    • Are the products manufactured from eco-friendly materials?
    • Has the brand taken any action to minimise the use of water?
    • What are the steps taken by the manufacturer to address the problem of waste management and energy efficiency?
  • Organic clothing:
    • Are toxic chemicals used during the manufacturing process?
    • Is the clothing hypoallergenic? i.e. causes no irritation upon contact with skin
    • Avoids the use of GM (genetically modified) plants, which generate plants with larger yields
    • Look out for organic accreditations such as the Better Cotton Initiative
  • Cruelty free clothing:
    • Are animal rights being infringed by the company?
    • Is the product vegan or are any animal products (e.g. leather) used?
  • Ethical policies:
    • Does the clothing brand have ethical policies, e.g. Toms Shoes donate one pair of shoes to charity for every pair purchased?

Can a sustainable store sell fast fashion?

By its very definition, fast fashion can rarely be labelled as sustainable. Cheap clothing is produced by companies to push sales and grow quickly. Consumers typically use these for a very short time, only to discard them and move to the latest trends. This creates enormous volumes of waste that cannot be absorbed by the ecosystem. Moreover, the price at which these clothes are bought can never provide a sustainable livelihood for the workers.

Registering on the GoEthical shop ethical app

The GoEthical app enables community members to buy ethical clothing. GoEthical are pleased to introduce brands and retailers selling on the app, which advocate eco-friendly shopping. By joining the app today, you can “do your bit” for the environment. Retailers will have a great opportunity to sell eco-conscious clothing and accessories to a large audience of conscious fashion consumers. Register today and join the fight to preserve the environment.



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