A close look at ethical shopping for collectors

Ethical collectables are now increasingly important to conscious consumers. These range from hobby items like stamps and coins to exotic artworks. The GoEthical ethical consumer app caters to the varied requirements of collectors.  The ethical sourcing policies of the sellers who stock items on the shop ethical app is important to us.

Environmentally sustainable gifts use clean supply chains

Similarly, supply chains are also a continuous concern of ours. GoEthical doesn’t support the production of collectables in sweatshops. These include ivory, animal fur and several other materials prohibited from use. Overworked and underpaid designers and workers produce these goods for profit-making companies. GoEthical is a cruelty-free app and will never condone products made causing harm to animals. Even plastic products are a cause of concern due to their environmental impact.

Collectables that the conscious consumer can choose

Eco-friendly mobile apps like GoEthical provide a platform for a variety of collectables, which are made available by a variety of ethical retailers. There are many gift items made from biodegradable and natural materials which are available through GoEthical.

Collectables often feature in our crafts and pre-loved/second hand categories, examples of collectables from Artisans trading on GoEthical include:

  • Books and magazines – collecting first and limited editions of books and magazines
  • Fashion items – such as handbags, vintage dresses,
  • Film franchises – autographs, memorabilia and a range of collectables from franchises such as Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, etc.
  • Jewellery and watches – these can often form part of an interesting collection, visit GoEthical retailers for this category to add to a collection
  • Hobbies – such as badge, stamp and coin collecting
  • Home items and décor – e.g. antiques, glassware, porcelain and pottery, wall hangings, etc.
  • Toys – these could include collector cards, vintage toys (e.g. Lego, Matchbox Cars, Subbuteo football sets, etc.)
  • Wedding gifts – e.g. glassware, jewellery (e.g. cufflinks, jewellery box, trinket boxes), photo frames and photo album,

It’s also worth remembering that some collectables can also be an enjoyable investment, first edition books, watches, stamps and coins could all fit into this category.

There are many enticing sustainable collectables available within the app, use our advanced search functions to narrow down the options.

Avoid buying plastic collectables from supermarkets

Recently, the Australian supermarket ‘Coles’ had a plastic collectable giveaway right in the middle of a ’plastic-free’ month. As a green shopper, alarm bells start ringing about the environmental impact. More importantly, the ethics of marketing brands to children using plastic collectables is a questionable policy. Therefore, GoEthical urges green shoppers to avoid plastic collectables at all costs.

Join the GoEthical eco-friendly app to buy and sell collectables

GoEthical are one of the leading shopping apps that promote sustainable living. Register online with us if you’re a seller or buyer of ethical collectables. The GoEthical app will connect you to an entire community of people who are passionate about eco-living and building a sustainable world around us. Why not, join in the fun!



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