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Craft enthusiasts all over the world want to buy ethical, cruelty-free, sustainable products and supplies. Increased environmental awareness has brought in a new wave of sustainable and eco-friendly craft product ideas. Today materials are sought from countries that comply with fair trade laws.

There is a fundamental shift to buying from companies that only sell sustainable products. Emerging shopping apps prefer environmentally friendly craft retailers who care for the future of the planet. The GoEthical ethical consumer app follows the same principles and values when it comes to providing a platform for crafts and crafts products. As a seller, you will soon discover that GoEthical is a great place to sell crafts online.

There’s more to ethical craft products than selling handcrafted items

The GoEthical platform is a discerning community of people committed to promoting ethical and eco-friendly living. Sellers are verified by GoEthical before being able to list products.

Detailed product information is available for each product, in addition to the seller profile information. Buyers can check the details of every product they buy, check individual retailers and their products for specific credentials (e.g. Fairtrade, biodegradable, cruelty free, etc.) So, if you’re looking for the best place to buy and sell home-made crafts, the GoEthical platform is ideal.

Choosing ethical handmade products

Handmade candles, baskets, jewellery, ornaments, artwork and tableware are some of the products you will find in the ethical crafts category. The glass used for candles needs to be fully recycled. Everything from the wick to the wax inside the candle needs to be ethically made by the manufacturer. If any material has been imported, it needs to be from a fair trade compliant country.

Buying British from UK craft artisans

Buying on GoEthical provides an opportunity to support the work of UK artisans and emerging talent who will feature as retailers on our platform. Our artisans work across many of the categories here on GoEthical, so buy in the knowledge that you can support emerging talent from the UK.

GoEthical an ideal app for cruelty-free products

Alternative ways to produce popular materials are leading to new innovations in the ethical product’s market. The ethical clothing industry still uses silk, which is also used in crafts and by hobbyists. Many readers will be aware that silk is frequently produced through a cruel process that either boils or gasses the silkworms alive. But, now ethically produced silk is being made from the cocoons, once the silkworms leave. As a result, the material can now be called cruelty free and ethical. Read the profiles of sellers as well as product-specific information to verify the cruelty free status of a product.

Register as a crafts reseller on GoEthical

GoEthical is a leading selling platform for ethical shopping. By joining us as a chosen retailer, you gain access to the growing community of GoEthical eco-shoppers. This is likely to be an important step in growing a retail business. So, join us today to be on one of the best places to both buy and sell craft online.


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