The popularity of electric vehicles surges

The sales of electric vehicles are growing at a whopping 75% per annum. They are seen as the perfect answer for the future of human transportation. Emissions of petrol and diesel vehicles have contributed hugely to global warming, with the World Health Organisation saying that 23% of global emissions are transport sector related.

More importantly, the scarcity of fossil fuel production has pushed up the prices of petroleum and its related products. Today, fossil fuels are no longer viable as a sustainable technology. The existing automobile fossil-fuel powered vehicles will be replaced all over the world. But is the electric vehicle industry as sustainable and environmentally-friendly as many think?

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GoEthical believe that the platform is a great place to research and buy alternative vehicles. This would include not only cars but two-wheelers and other vehicles as well (e.g. Hoverboards, Scooters (e.g. Razor) and Electric bikes (e.g. Super Soco).

On the GoEthical ethical marketplace app, you will find a selection of the best electric vehicles. All information criteria about each vehicle is available for you to read before you buy in detailed product overviews provided by retailers.

Ethical issues with batteries

At the heart of electric vehicles are its deep cycle batteries. These batteries are designed to power the vehicle for potentially long journeys on a single charge. However, many issues that challenge the batteries as sustainable solutions have now come to light. There are human rights issues, including the use of child labour associated with the industry, amongst many more.

Does the electric vehicles industry have the capability to sell ethical products?

The unsustainable extraction of minerals like cobalt, required to produce the batteries is yet another issue. Health and safety risks to workers in cobalt mines, including children have been highlighted by global organisations. Many of these workers are paid a pittance and contract lung diseases by working in the mines. Most of the lithium-ion batteries are manufactured in Asian economies. The manufacturing process is largely dependent on fossil fuels. Needless to say, this has raised questions about its carbon footprint. Environmental campaigners are asking whether these companies can be labelled as “environmentally friendly”.

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The world is moving away from fossil fuel powered cars. Many European nations like Germany, France and the UK will withdraw them by between 2030 and 2040. Therefore, GoEthical are keen to provide a selection of retailers suitable for green shoppers who can provide the right electric vehicles through the app.

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