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The electronics industry has come under fire in recent years for numerous ethical issues. These range from:

  • Unsustainable mining practices – Gold, cobalt, silver and tungsten are a few of the essential requirements for the electronics industry.
  • Dumping of e-waste – creating polluted water tables and health problems for locals
  • Child labour – the use of children at some stages of electronics production

The above are just a few of the many issues surrounding the ethics of the electronics industry.

Corporate social responsibility leading to improved ethical electronics

However, the good news is that major corporations around the world are changing their ways. The corporate social responsibility initiatives taken by many of these companies have started to solve these problems. The GoEthical online shop is designed to be your one-stop-shop for ethical products. Choose GoEthical to gain access to a platform where retailer of ethical electronics sell their products.

The barriers to green shopping in electronic products

There are several sustainability issues with the lifecycle of day-to-day electronics. Computers, televisions, microwaves and now the “Internet of Things” (IoTs) are just some of the products that surround us in everyday life. These often contain hazardous substances, which can have environmental impact when ending up as e-waste.

The dumping of e-waste in developing nations is a big ethical issue. This e-waste is broken down manually by a cheap labour force, often consisting of children. Reusable parts are salvaged, and the industry likes to call it ‘recycling’. Now there is a certification called TCO, which measures sustainability in the electronics industry. The certification is helping stakeholders across the world make sustainable choices.

GoEthical a leading ethical consumer app

Industry certifications help us make the right choices too. The GoEthical shop ethical app features electronics brands and retailers who are accredited to be ethical. GoEthical’s vision is to be the best mobile shopping app for all kinds of ethical products. Many electronics dealers on the GoEthical app are often encouraged to sell upcycled electronic items. Selling recycled products is also a great initiative and you’ll often find these in the GoEthical app.                                                                                               

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The GoEthical sustainable shopping app connects you to one of the largest communities of conscious consumers. As a reseller, you can sell sustainable products in the GoEthical mobile app marketplace. As a buyer, you can purchase ethical, green eco-friendly electronics products. Join the GoEthical community today and connect with a host of people who think just like you.


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