GoEthical is an ethical app market where you can buy and sell sustainable products of every conceivable kind. To make finding products easier, there are numerous categories to choose from. Find out about the different options that are available on the GoEthical mobile app marketplace right here.


Whether you want to find the best food that is free from animal products or buy fashion which conforms with vegan standards, GoEthical has it all. Vegan products from big brands as well as newcomers are available in droves. Vegan products are also well suited to people who are allergic or intolerant to dairy and other ingredients.

Fair Trade

Fair trade products are popular because they give consumers a way to make sure that producers are given a good price for the items they sell. Everything from fair trade food to clothing can be sold or snapped up on the GoEthical vendor app. With fresh fair trade options added regularly, this category is always growing and changing.


Prevent your purchases harming the planet by choosing biodegradable products. This can include entire items which can be composted, as well as products which are packaged in materials that will decompose quickly. Whether you compost the products yourself or let the local council handle it, it is a win-win situation.

Cruelty Free

Animal testing is detested by many people, so with cruelty free products you can buy without the guilt. Check out GoEthical’s full range of cosmetics and foods which are produced without the involvement of unwilling animal test subjects. You will see how even small decisions can help to alleviate a lot of suffering.

Palm Oil Free

The problems with palm oil farming are well known. By selecting from great palm oil free products you can avoid contributing to unsustainable practices. Prevent deforestation and protect the habitats of some seriously endangered species by scouring this category.

Going palm oil free is a lifesaving move

Going palm oil free is a lifesaving move

Fair Wear

Make sure your fashion choices are not the source of ethical concerns by investing in fair wear products. You can buy from brands that make sure workers at all levels are treated well and paid a competitive wage. This is ideal if you have concerns about sweatshop conditions that afflict some mainstream fashion brands.

Natural Label

Products that have all-natural ingredients are hard to find on some shopping apps. With GoEthical, it is a breeze to browse and buy natural label products which ditch artificial substances altogether. That way you can keep your body healthy and your conscience clear at the same time.

Pesticide Free

Pesticides create problems for all sorts of wildlife. With the GoEthical organic app, you can seek out pesticide free products which have been created without harmful chemicals. With many insect populations struggling to survive with current pesticide use levels, now is the time to make a positive change.


Organically farmed products are not just better for the environment; they taste better too! Cast your eyes over a category that is heaving with appealing organic options. Like pesticide free products, the brands represented here have an eye on both quality and sustainability.


This is one of the broadest and most inclusive categories in the GoEthical application shop. Eco-friendly products include the likes of fashion, food, electronics, cosmetics and everything in between. Anyone aware that they need to reduce their environmental impact should look out for eco-friendly products whenever they make a purchase. GoEthical gives you the tools you need to achieve this with ease.


Dig into the line-up of recyclable products and you will realise how easy it is to live sustainably. By choosing to buy recyclable items, the products you pick will be less of a problem at the end of their life spans. You can also buy and sell pre-loved goods on GoEthical, letting you recycle used items and send them to a good home, rather than to landfill.

Buy and sell ethical products today

GoEthical has lots of ways to find the ethical products you are looking for. The search function is fast and reliable, while community-driven features are also compelling. Chat with other users, get in touch with vendors and see what a difference you can make. There are thousands of great products, new and used alike. Each vendor has been vetted and there are lots of resources to keep your user experience focused.

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Whatever ethical or moral conundrums motivate your consumer decisions; GoEthical has got you covered. GoEthical believes in allowing everyone access to top-notch products which are eco-friendly, sustainable and embrace ethical lifestyles. Register right now and bring GoEthical into your life.


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