With so many amazing fair trade products to sift through on the GoEthical ethical shopping app, there has never been a better time to change your habits and help suppliers enjoy a share of the profits. GoEthical brings the best fair trade brands into the limelight, letting you buy and sell sustainable products on a single platform. Find out what choosing to invest in fair trade can achieve right here.

Focus on fair trade products

Throughout the 20th century, there was little attention paid to the plight of people subsisting on the bottom rung of the ladder of capitalism. People in the West were happy to enjoy access to cheaper and cheaper products from far-flung parts of the world without paying attention to whether they were being procured ethically.

The concept of fair trade came about in the 1960s when it was decided that rather than providing aid to the poorest parts of the world, it would be more productive to fuel their economies with pure purchasing power. Charities and government bodies catalysed this trend, although it took several decades for mainstream audiences to get in on the act.

In the 21st century, digital technology has made it even easier for individuals and brands to sell ethical products to buyers in every corner of the Earth. Just as vegan, organic and cruelty-free products have gained traction in recent years, fair trade has also seen a rapid increase in interest.

Fair trade intends to give producers in developing nations access to markets which would otherwise be out of their reach. This also means that they can achieve a better price for the products they sell, which in turn helps them to reinvest in their operations and build momentum over time.

Another aspect of fair trade that is worth mentioning is the attention that is paid to working conditions. There are minimum standards which must be met for a supplier to qualify for fair trade status, which in turn helps to boost the ethical credentials of items that fall within this category.

Consumers who care about working conditions should buy fair trade

Consumers who care about working conditions should buy fair trade

Fair trade options on the GoEthical marketplace app

While you might struggle to find fair trade products in a brick and mortar store or on other shopping apps for iPhone, GoEthical makes this an incredibly easy process.

By working with vendors of all sizes, you will find a line-up of products which retailers will display as fair trade accredited. As with other ethical products, there are a myriad of fair trade options to consider when you use the GoEthical app. These include beauty products (such as Argan oil), cotton, flowers, footballs and sporting equipment, gold and precious metals, etc.

Fair trade clothing

Take fair trade clothing, for example. Such garments will be made with materials that are sourced responsibly and purchased at a price that does not leave suppliers in the red. They will also be put together at factories where the workers receive a decent wage and are well treated. With the scandals surrounding the fashion industry in its current state, one of the few ways to keep a clear conscience is by choosing fair trade clothing in the GoEthical ethical app market.

Fair trade food

Fair trade food is also in plentiful supply on the platform. The great taste of edible items which have been produced and traded in ethically, with no one in the chain getting exploited, is made all the sweeter when you have this knowledge to hand. There are many examples of fair trade food, just a few would include bananas, chocolate, coconuts, coffee, confectionery, fruit juices, herbs and spices, nuts, rice, sugar, tea and wine.

Shopping made simple

Picking GoEthical as your retailer app of choice is a good call for lots of reasons. Aside from the fact that GoEthical’s fair trade product range is expansive and growing by the day, you can also reap the benefits of a straightforward interface and great tools for buyers and sellers alike.

If you are in the mood to find out more about fair trade items, have any questions about products in this category or just want to chat, GoEthical community features are on hand to meet your needs. You can participate in live chats, post to forums and get advice when you require it.

Opting to pay for fair trade products rather than settling for corner-cutting, cost-saving mainstream brands is ethically sound. It can also be an economically valid option, while also supplying you with more choice and variety with regards to the products you buy. You might be left feeling powerless as a consumer all too often, yet there is a whole world of fair trade options out there that GoEthical can bring directly to you.

For yet more ethical online shopping opportunities, check out recyclable products and pesticide free products. You will not be disappointed with what you find!

GoEthical Partners with Bees Abroad

GoEthical is delighted to announce our partnership with Bees Abroad. Operating to the principles of Fairtrade, Bees Abroad empower local communities in Africa and Asia by providing hands on help and advice about beekeeping, conservation and how to run a small business.

Project participants are fully trained and equipped to become beekeepers and Bees Abroad provides business and marketing support to help ensure that beekeepers are paid a fair price for the products created (e.g. honey, royal jelly, propolis, etc.) Beekeeping is environmentally friendly and accessible to women groups, vulnerable adults, youth and other groups.

GoEthical pledges to donate 1% of sales commission revenue, which is spread across our eco partners for Bees, Seas and Trees. Bees Abroad are the official “Bees partner” of GoEthical.

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