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What is fair wear?

Back in 1999, the Fair Wear Foundation was created in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This was in a bid to make fashion less problematic. Stories of factory workers in certain countries having to put up with awful conditions were common. This spurred campaigners into action, with a movement committed to combating sweatshops from emerging.

In the years since the foundation first formed, over 130 different brands have signed up to work with this non-profit group. The idea is that products which meet fair wear standards should be sourced and manufactured as ethically and sustainably as possible.

At every level of the supply chain, brands need to do more than the bare minimum. From the people who harvest the crops used to produce the materials that eventually become garments that are sold to customers, to the factory floor and beyond, fair wear values must be followed.

Unfortunately, there are still many issues surrounding the mainstream fashion industry. As different brands compete to undercut each other with their pricing, conditions at factories suffer. This is why it is more important than ever for consumers to speak up. You can vote with your wallet by buying accredited products, showing the big labels that they cannot afford to ignore this campaign any longer.

In 2019, Fair Wear have eleven priority countries where improvement is required, these are: Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, India, Indonesia, Macedonia, Myanmar, Romania, Tunisia, Turkey, and Vietnam.

What does fair wear ensure?

There are various aspects of fair wear-accredited fashion items to consider. The ultimate aim is to make sure that both brands and consumers take collective responsibility for working conditions.

A lot of labour is required to manufacture many types of clothing and accessories. In high-pressure environments where targets need to be hit, this can lead to issues. Workers may be expected to slog through exhaustingly long shifts. They may find that their take-home pay is not enough to cover the cost of living. They may be subjected to a lack of job security, as well as suffering physical repercussions that are not adequately handled by their employer.

The Fair Wear Foundation tackles these common fashion industry concerns. By partnering with brands, it gets a solid commitment from the companies behind them to challenge these norms.

Perhaps most importantly, the work of the foundation is not just aimed at organisations that already sell ethical products. It actively seeks to join forces with brands where there is room for improvement in their working conditions, wages and practices. It can then provide guidance and push for positive changes.

What products are fair wear accredited?

At the moment the companies which can collaborate with the Fair Wear Foundation are those that make sewn goods. This is actually a very broad category, including not just garments for the fashion industry, but many other products.

For example, bags and footwear which are stitched together in some way can become accredited. You can even buy textiles designed for home use, such as curtains and cushion covers, which fall into this category.


Many people may not even have considered that all of these products could have questionable origins. As more consumers are informed about the need to buy fair wear items, the GoEthical eco-friendly shopping app will be a real bonus.

Members of the Fair Wear Foundation’s scheme will be well labelled. Other apps you can sell items on are likely not pay as much attention to ethical issues as GoEthical do.

Fashion can be fairer when you shop ethically

Fashion can be fairer when you shop ethically

A broad stable of sustainable products

GoEthical is privileged to bring users in contact with big businesses and small vendors who want to make the world better. If you need products that are market-leading in terms of their quality, the GoEthical retailer app is outstanding. Moreover, if your ethics are important to you, be empowered with excellent shopping tools.

Fair wear products are only the start of what is available on GoEthical. Here you can find vegan-approved items (e.g. food and clothing (including Fair Trade)), palm oil free products, cruelty free brands, recyclable goods and much more.

Online ethical shopping is even easier thanks to the comprehensive community features of GoEthical. Integrated messaging lets you chat with other users, asking questions or providing advice. Forums let you get involved in more in-depth discussions.

Register for an ethical marketplace you can trust

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