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Conscious consumers are always looking for top-quality ethical clothing brands. In the same way, green products in fashion accessories are a growing market. The GoEthical market is your one-stop-shop for ethical fashion accessories.

The retailers on GoEthical’s ethical shopper app stock a large selection of ethical fashion accessories. The range includes sellers who sell upcycled items, recycled, vegan and Fair Trade goods. Vegan leather, for example, can be made from recycled PET water bottles. This is a great way to remove some of the polluting plastic from the planet. All in all, buying ethically produced fashion accessories makes you feel great, while you’re looking good.

What are ethical fashion accessories?

Fashion accessories cover a wide range of products, which include backpacks, hats and beanies to handcrafted jewellery made from recycled materials. Often sold by boutiques, They are all part of the world of responsible fashion accessories. Upcycled backpacks can be made from bicycle tubes. It’s heartening to know that each backpack uses up many inner tubes made of rubber. Without this initiative, all that rubber would simply have ended up in a landfill.

Organic accessories

Hats and caps can be made from organic hemp products, which consist of hemp fabric and organic cotton. Stylish sunglasses can be manufactured with recycled bamboo from the furniture industry. From jewellery to wallets made from recycled leather, there’s an ethical option for each one of us. The GoEthical online shop fashion accessories category provides access to a large number of ethical fashion accessory retailers.

Vegan accessories

Vegans follow a philosophy in life abstaining from the use of all animal products. Due to this, they will never use accessories made from wool, silk, leather, etc. Pearl jewellery and soap that contains animal fats are also not vegan-friendly. From bracelets and earrings, vegans are happy wearing jewellery made of items such as beads. As long as there’s no animal impact, these accessories are suitable for sale within vegan apps. At GoEthical, retailers of vegan fashion accessories are listed in the app store, catering to both animal-free vegan consumers and fashion buyers alike.

The GoEthical application shop for ethical accessories

Many companies and Artisans on GoEthical contribute a percentage of their proceeds to carbon-neutral projects. Others pass on a portion of their profits to responsible sourcing initiatives. GoEthical believes these actions are an important step in the right direction. If you’re a fashion accessory manufacturer using ethical materials, the GoEthical organic app is a great place for you. If you’re a retailer of such products, GoEthical’s sustainable shopping app is an ideal place for you to sell.

Second hand and pre-loved fashion accessories

There is also an active market for second hand fashion accessories. Many of our retailers have recycled, upcycled and second hand fashion accessories for sale, often at bargain prices compared to new items. Some of these accessories could also be considered vintage, so why not grab yourself a bargain and be kind to the environment at the same time?

Register on the GoEthical app

So, don’t delay. GoEthical wants to promote the noble cause of ethical online shopping. GoEthical needs people like you to join forces with us to make a difference. Register today and be a part of the best ethical shopping app, whether you are buying or selling ethical fashion accessories.



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