Definition of fashion eras

Here is a definition of how GoEthical sees various classifications of historic fashion:

  • Antique fashion – this is widely accepted as fashion, which is 100+ years old
  • Vintage fashion – this is fashion, which is anywhere between 20 and 100 years old
  • Classic fashion – this is a fashion style, which transcends the ages (e.g. little black dress, blazers, trench coats, etc.)

On this page, therefore, we are focusing on fashion, which is unique to eras anywhere between 20 and 100 years old.

Vintage clothing shop

GoEthical’s boutique fashion category also brings you vintage brands on this mobile app. Vintage fashion is gaining ground in sustainability. While this trend supports the recycling of clothes, it’s important to differentiate between second-hand and vintage.

The Instagram age has fuelled the resurgence of vintage clothing. Many leading designers today are looking back over the decades to find inspiration for their new creations. Meanwhile, authentic vintage fashion rules the roost. The GoEthical vintage app shops have vintage clothing products available from a host of fantastic artisan sellers registered on the GoEthical retail app. You can also check out GoEthical Boutique shops who sell second hand / pre-loved clothing as well as accessories too.

Buying vintage chic clothing can help battle a world of waste

Believe it or not, families in the UK are discarding a staggering one million tonnes of throwaway fashion each year. With the UK population around 66 million, that’s a giant mountain of clothing! The fashion industry has now earned the unenviable reputation of being the second largest polluting industry. Yet, more than 90% of the clothes discarded are reusable. That’s just what our vintage fashion retailers do. They create vintage clothes by sourcing discarded clothing from charity shops and clothing bins. By adopting these cool clothes from vintage clothing brands, you can help battle the problem of garment pollution.

Buying and selling vintage clothing

By supporting the recycling of garments, you can contribute to the preservation of the environment. You can prevent CO2 from being released into the air. You can also help conserve the most important resource on the planet – water. Populations in countries like India and Pakistan face a water shortage, unyet it takes up to 20,000 litres to produce enough cotton to make just one pair of jeans and a man’s shirt.

But ethical fashion buyers can reduce their carbon footprint. Can you imagine – if everyone were to think on similar lines, what a difference it would make! The GoEthical vintage boutique provides a platform to find the best ethical vintage clothing. These products come from a host of clothing brands registered on the retailer app. Purchase your vintage apparel from the GoEthical market and help recycle. Please apply safe buying practices, do your research into the authenticity of the vintage item.

Caring for your vintage clothing

Here are a few tips on what to do after you’ve bought your clothing. Vintage patterns and colours can easily fade away if you don’t store them away from sunlight. A dry place away from direct sunlight is best. Dusty, damp and humid conditions can damage the fibres on your clothing. Never store your clothing in plastic bags. Firstly, plastic bags are bad for the environment.  It defeats the reason you started recycling in the first place. Also, they don’t allow your clothes to breathe. Hang your vintage dresses in your wardrobe on wooden hangers. You can also use the ones padded with a cloth. By following these simple steps, a long life for your vintage clothing should be achieved.

Washing your favourite vintage wear from your vintage boutique

Ideally, you should avoid putting your vintage clothing into the washing machine. You can conserve energy, save bills and minimise damage to your clothing. Any vintage clothing that predates the 1960s should always be washed by hand. Always ensure that you wash at 30° only. If you do plan to get them dry-cleaned, select a cleaner who doesn’t use harmful chemicals.

Register with the GoEthical shopping app

GoEthical has many vintage clothing retailers to browse through on the GoEthical shop ethical app. By registering with the app, you can benefit from a wide selection of sustainable vintage brands. You can join forces with thousands of environmentally conscious recyclers. GoEthical believes that this is one of the more important ways to make the fashion industry sustainable. So why not follow the simple steps to register immediately.



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