The organic food products market is growing

Last year, conscious consumers in the UK spent approximately £8.2 billion on ethical food products and beverages. Sales in this category have risen by 43% in five years. In 2013, this market segment was worth £5.7 billion. The market for ethical food & drink is slated to grow by another 17% between now and 2023. However, a report by Mintel claims that 60% of UK adults find it hard to select sustainable food products. This is simply because they don’t know the difference. Buy your groceries and fresh food boxes from the excellent traders on GoEthical app UK.

Why ethical food products are good for your health

On the GoEthical ethical app market buyers will find traders who stock all natural food products. These include farmers market produce, organic food, natural and certified products from Fair Trade and the Rainforest Alliance. Research has proven that ethical food shopping can be beneficial for your health. Here are the attributes of products chosen by those who eat natural versus the standard supermarket offerings.

Natural and organic foods Supermarket foods
Grown using natural fertilisers Harmful synthetic and chemical fertilisers are widely used
Weeds are removed using natural processes such as mulching, or by hand Poisonous chemical weed killers and herbicides are used
Food is grown without pesticides Commercially farmed products use a lot of pesticides
Livestock, including poultry, always have access to the great outdoors Outdoor access is not mandatory
Livestock is reared on an organic, healthy diet Livestock is injected with hormones to grow faster and fed with the non-organic, genetically modified diet
Diseases are prevented by natural methods Antibiotics and chemicals are frequently used to prevent diseases in animals

It may be quite evident from the above that the consumption of natural foods is more beneficial to health. They provide more antioxidants and reduce carcinogens and free radicals. Consumption of products from free-range livestock is also more beneficial for the heart.

Food and beverages in the GoEthical App shop

Here are just a few of the food and averages, which you can buy in the GoEthical app:

  • Hemp – a range of hemp (plant-based) foods including seeds, milk, oil and as a leafy salad vegetable
  • Kombucha – a fermented tea drink, which is also claimed to have many health benefits
  • Plant milks – such as almond milk, cashew milk, grain milk, soya milk, etc.

There are too many to list here, so be sure to visit the food and beverages category of the GoEthical app. This is a platform for traders of fresh food and veg delivery boxes to sell their products whether fresh or dry natural, organics, etc. GoEthical would always advise buyers to check the ingredients and sellers accreditations when making a purchase.

Support for UK artisans

Using GoEthical provides an opportunity to support UK artisans who specialise in food and beverages. There are a wide range of offerings available including examples such as baked goods, candy, chocolate, condiments and spices, gift boxes, hampers, vegan treats, etc.

Other benefits of sustainable food

Sustainable grocery shopping from food ordering apps means buying ethical food brands. This helps the money stay within the local economy and goes directly to the farmers. These foods are known for their freshness and are more enjoyable to eat. Locally produced food also has a reduced carbon footprint as it travels fewer miles from farm to fork.

GoEthical and Bees Abroad Partnership

GoEthical has partnered with Bees Abroad as our official “Bees Partner” as a part of our bees, seas and trees eco-programmes. Bees produce many food products such as honey and also pollen and royal jelly which are used as dietary supplements (in addition to other products).

Bees Abroad empower local communities with their own beekeeping enterprise, which creates a sustainable and eco-friendly local enterprise. GoEthical pledges to donate 1% of sales commission revenue, which is spread across our eco partners for Bees, Seas and Trees.

Register with GoEthical and support the natural food market

The GoEthical ethical food store is one of the best food apps for retailers to sell sustainable products. You can register on the GoEthical retailer app if you supply ethical food. As a buyer, you can buy ethical groceries as well as fresh farmer market produce. Your family and you will eat healthier. Your consumption of natural organic food will also help GoEthical efforts to make the food industry more sustainable. The clock is ticking for the planet. Act now!


Image credit: Juliamh123 – Wikimedia Commons

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