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Industry research claims that today more and more people in the UK are rethinking their food habits. While organic food may cost more, many conscious consumers believe that it’s worth the extra penny. The industry, which is currently worth around £8.2 billion annually will continue to grow, according to experts. You will find that the GoEthical app is an ideal place to buy organic groceries.

GoEthical app for online ethical food shopping

As a health-conscious, green shopper you already know that products from a natural organic shop are the best. Conventional supermarket foods are loaded with additives (E numbers), preservatives, pesticides and chemicals. Consumption of these foods could lead to a host of diseases, including cancer and heart disease.

Organic products are certified as food grown without pesticides and from non-genetically modified sources. However, ethical foods have other categories as well. For example, fair trade foods may or may not be pesticide free, but they give farmers a better deal. Similarly, vegan foods are cruelty-free, as they contain no animal products. GoEthical is the front-runner for ethical online shopping. GoEthical is a platform supporting organic farm shops and small local farmers who stock a range of groceries and natural locally sourced foods.

Vegan food app for groceries

GoEthical is a great app to educate and source vegan food suppliers. The vegan foods available on the eco-friendly shopping app are frequently available through fresh food boxes with vegetables and fruits supplied which are in season (rather than shipped half-way around the world). Vegan foods are always produced cruelty-free and are totally devoid of all animal products. GoEthical understand the requirements of the vegan community and want to be the best eco-shopping app for vegan products.

Groceries to buy in the GoEthical app

Here are just a few examples of groceries, which you can buy from the GoEthical app:

  • Beverages (an extensive range of drinks)
  • Buy in bulk – discounts when buying a product in bulk
  • Chocolates and sweets
  • Delicatessen items
  • Foods (all the usual foods you would expect)
  • Herbs and spices
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Ready Meals
  • Rice, pulses and grains
  • Sauces and condiments

Also, expect to be able to buy groceries with the following additional qualities:

The above give an idea of what’s available, explore the GoEthical app and discover the range of groceries for yourself.

Foods that are palm oil free

Palm oil farming has led to massive deforestation. This has, in turn, led to the destruction of natural habitats of wild animals like the Orangutan in Borneo. GoEthical’s ethical consumer app provides non-palm oil products like palm oil free biscuits, soap and peanut butter. As a sustainability app, GoEthical feels this is an important step in the right direction for the future of the planet.

Supporting Made in Britain

There are numerous ways GoEthical users can support “Made in Britain” ethical initiatives. Buy food direct from local farmers and small holdings, which sell fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, etc. In buying local you can reduce the air miles from farm to fork. Choose from high-quality micro breweries and distilleries to buy the best beers, ales and gins – all which can be delivered to your doorstep.

GoEthical partners with Bees Abroad

As a part of our bees, seas and trees eco-programmes, GoEthical is delighted to have partnered with Bees Abroad, our “Bees partner” – 1% of sales commission revenue is donated across our eco partners.

Bees Abroad are working to relieve poverty through Beekeeping in developing areas of Africa and Asia. Bees Abroad provide local (usually rural) communities with the opportunity to cultivate sustainable and organic bee-related products, which are great for their local environment and great as grocery items! This is a truly sustainable way of improving the quality of life of disadvantaged people.

Join the GoEthical app to discover a world of ethical grocery shopping

When you register on the application shop, it’s a big move towards making the right food choices. Make an informed decision today and join the GoEthical shop UK for the best in ethical, eco-friendly, pre-loved and sustainable shopping.



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