Buying handmade contributes to global sustainability

The word sustainability, in this case, relates to human living. Many items used to decorate homes are made by poor artisans. Often, these individuals are based in developing nations. They are exploited by companies who buy their work for next to nothing. These products find their way onto store shelves in the western world. They are often sold for large profits. However, these profits are never shared with the workers who made these beautiful items. The GoEthical online app is a place where you will find retailers which sell products, which are certified as fair wear (also see our Fair Wear category).

Fair trade handcrafted products

When you buy fair trade products, it means that the workers who created them are getting a fair deal. Many of them live in abject poverty and it’s important that they can make a sustainable living. Often, their trade is their only source of income. The suppliers who sell handmade products on the marketplace app are committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing. They often work closely with charity organisations and social welfare initiatives to support artisans. Some brands reinvest a percentage of their sales back into the community.

Handmade clothing and shoes

For some people, ethical means farm produce or seafood. However, apparel and footwear are two categories in which handmade products can be ethical and sustainable. The best part is that it needn’t be from a developing nation. Handmade in Britain or UK handmade shoes are a great tag to buy. Choosing these products puts pounds back into the wallets of independent tailors and shoemakers.

Handmade gift items for sale

Buying handmade gifts on the shopping app helps support small businesses in the UK. These are creative units run by an individual or a couple who are passionate about making handcrafted crafts. There is a wide selection of unique gifts for every occasion. Some of these gifts can be personalised for you.

Handmade pottery UK

Beautiful handmade pottery is a part of the ethical handmade goods that can be bought. The pottery can be given away as a gift item displayed in your home the designs are eclectic and creative, produced by local pottery craftsmen. By becoming a patron of these small local businesses, you’re making sustainable choices and helping members of the local community.

Ethical handmade jewellery

Handmade jewellery on GoEthical is made sustainably. Look out for the following qualities within the product information when buying ethical handmade jewellery in GoEthical:

  • The brands will use precious metals that are fair trade
  • Many designs are produced from recycled materials, wherever possible
  • Since they are handmade, the designs are unique and sometimes one-of-a-kind
  • They are produced by jewellery craftsmen who take sustainability very seriously
  • Even the packaging materials are recycled, ensuring that nothing is left as waste

We advise buyers to check product details before buying to ensure they have the correct ethical values to meet their requirements.

Handmade upcycled products

A particular type of handmade craft, which is available in the GoEthical app are upcycled products. Using discarded items is very eco-friendly, so search within GoEthical for handmade upcycled items such as clothing, collectables, furniture, handbags, jewellery, rugs, toys and much more.

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Image credit: Varsha Kanse – Wikimedia Commons

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