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The fashion industry has been labelled as the second most polluting industry in the world after oil. But cosmetics and health and beauty aren’t far behind. Most conventional beauty items have many dangerous chemicals in them. Animal testing is a huge ethical issue in this industry too. Even though many brands claim to be cruelty-free, animal testing may still be going on. The GoEthical ethical shopping app strongly rejects these practices. Buyers can carefully search for animal cruelty free cosmetics in the GoEthical marketplace app.

Ethically made cosmetics can solve the chemical problem

The number of chemicals used by the health and beauty industry is simply staggering. Many of these have never been tested in combination to evaluate effects on humans. Preservatives like Paraben can get absorbed into your bloodstream and build up in the system. Propylene glycol is commonly found in cosmetics. The problem is that it’s also prevalent in brake fluid and antifreeze! Triclosan is used as a preservative by several beauty brands. But it weakens your immune system and upsets your hormonal balance. Did you know that it can also help antibiotic-resistant bacteria to grow? Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) is commonly found in shampoos, soaps and skincare goods. It can cause skin allergies, irritation to the eye and a host of other medical problems. Ethical beauty products always use natural alternatives to these harmful chemicals.

Shop online for sustainable beauty products

Cosmetics and health products available on the GoEthical ethical consumer app can be checked for cruelty-free accreditation. There is a large range of organic and natural cosmetics to choose from. GoEthical are a great app to buy vegan cruelty-free make-up.

Many of the cosmetics brands stocked are also palm oil free. For those who are unaware, rain forests have undergone massive deforestation due to the beauty and food industry. This has destroyed the natural habitats of many animal species, some of which are now extinct. Conscious consumers have therefore boycotted all products which contain palm oil.

Sustainable business practices in the make-up industry

Apart from being ingredient aware, sustainable business practices are also an important consideration. Eco-shoppers are now increasingly supporting companies that practice ethical sourcing. Packaging methods are also important. Truly ethical brands present their products in biodegradable packaging.

More importantly, waste management is an important issue. Tons of cosmetic waste end up in bins each year. Sustainable brands should have processes in place to recycle waste. Lastly, ethical beauty companies donate a percentage of their sales proceeds to charities. The GoEthical online shopping app takes these factors into consideration before listing suppliers and retailers on the online ethical shopping marketplace.

Register for the GoEthical app

If you’re an ethical health and beauty retailer, register online today. The savvy shopper app gives you access to a large consumer base of ethically-minded consumers.

Buyers can also join us through a simple registration process. GoEthical are one of the top shopping apps to buy cruelty-free cosmetics online. Browse through a large collection of all types of ethical health and beauty products that you will love.




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