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Electronic home appliances are pivotal to making consumers lives hassle-free. However, the industry is notorious for creating electronic waste. Thousands of home appliances end up in landfills each year. When they (eventually) degrade down to salvage reusable parts, they pollute the planet.

Any electronic device contains hazardous chemicals, many of which are carcinogenic. Much of this toxic waste ends up being shipped to poorer communities in developing nations. They are broken down by manual labour that includes children. However, there are brands which sell sustainable products. GoEthical associates with these eco-conscious brands and their products are available on the GoEthical app. It is always advised to check the manufacturers environmental accreditations before making a purchase.

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To counter the environmental damage caused, manufacturers needs to act. Ethical manufacturers will absorb the cost of recycling and disposal as part of the business operations. Many companies are recycling more in response to the environmental crisis faced by the world today. Some are reusing electrical components instead of disposing them. These brands score higher on an ethical scorecard and are preferred by conscious consumers. GoEthical is a highly popular app where you can buy home appliances from sustainable brands. You will find these brands on the GoEthical mobile app marketplace.

Sustainable brands have an ethical mineral sourcing policy

Environmental sustainability of an electronics manufacturer isn’t only about recycling. The deeper issue is how does the company sources its raw materials? Several conflict minerals can be found in electronic products. These minerals are frequently mined by labourers in appalling conditions in developing economies. The manufacturer’s choice of mining partner is therefore important. Many companies from the mining industry have sponsored armed conflicts in these nations for control of their mineral resources. As a sustainable manufacturer, companies need to have ethical and eco-friendly sourcing policies. They should also make public disclosure of the steps taken to be sustainable.

Ethical products need to be energy-efficient

The use of energy generated from fossil fuels is the next big issue. Consumers are making a buying decision based on the energy consumption label on the packaging. There is no way to check if the information is accurate. Small home appliances don’t have an eco-labelling scheme. The collective carbon footprint needs to be taken into consideration. Electric kettles are a perfect example. Often a manufacturer reports that a kettle uses less energy. However, millions of them are switched on every morning. The collective consumption of energy and its carbon footprint needs to be evaluated by manufacturers. Eco-friendly brands take significant efforts to minimise these damages.

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