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It’s hard to imagine that more than a decade has passed since LCD TVs were first introduced. Its predecessor, the plasma TV was actually around since the mid-90s. Somewhere around 2006, the sale of LCD televisions overtook plasmas. The picture quality was stunning, and everyone bought them. At the time, no one checked the energy consumption of these devices. These TVs were energy guzzlers.

Manufacturers are now trying to produce eco-friendly home goods

Today, thanks to increased pressure from conscious consumers, the home entertainment industry is trying to go green. Since 2011, there has been a significant decrease in the energy consumption of flat-screen televisions. At GoEthical, sellers work with energy-efficient brands. On this page, the environmental issues surrounding home entertainment gadgets are discussed.

Selection of environmentally ethical brands

Today, there are TV manufacturers who have achieved an energy usage reduction of 80% during operation. There are brands who have managed to reduce the energy consumption in standby mode by a whopping 98%. But what are the attributes one should look for when selecting an ethically made home entertainment device?

Key considerations when choosing ethical products

Of course, energy efficiency is a key factor. But brands that sell sustainable products also need to factor in waste management. Hundreds of thousands of electronic devices reach the end of their lives every year. They all end up in landfills, and it’s up to manufacturers to create a virtuous cycle of e-waste management.

A resource hungry industry that challenges ethical buying

The industry is natural resource hungry and depletion of minerals is a big problem. That brings us to ethical issues in the mining industry. It’s the mining companies that supply these natural resources to electronics manufacturers. There are significant health and safety and human rights issues that have come to light over the years. A truly ethical home entertainment brand needs to resolve these problems for the betterment of the planet.

Ecological shopping can be easier in the future

New devices like Bluetooth enabled speakers are quite energy efficient. Many can be charged using solar energy. As they are Bluetooth enabled, copper wiring connecting the speakers isn’t required. The media is also relayed through Bluetooth connectivity. This prevents waste generated through the use of CDs and DVDs. Indeed, the devices of the future are likely to be ethically made and will promote sustainability.

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